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Volunteer for the People's Gatherings

Through DiEM25 we set out to democratise Europe, but we can only do it if we start from our own countries.

Ultimately, it is our governments that control the EU (regardless of whether they are its members), even if they like to deny it. If we do not create political power for DiEM25's ideas within our countries, there can never be any change in Brussels. Just like MeRA25 and DiEM25 in Greece, so do we all need to develop a message, based on a programme, that can speak directly to our fellow citizens, rather than condescendingly trying to convince them that Europe is important. We will bring their voice from squares, streets, bars, cafes and meeting halls, to the corridors of power.

We are all taking together the first step for what will be one of our most significant political projects: the formation, from the ground-up, of DiEM25's national progressive programmes! This shall then be the mandate, received directly from our fellow citizens, upon which we shall continue to build our movement across Europe. You can read the full outline of the project here.


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