Financial Transparency

As per its founding manifesto, DiEM25 is fully committed to transparency. On this page you can see the movement's exact monthly financials.

Additionally, DiEM25 members can access the movement's monthly budget and donations flow in real-time on this page.

Finally, DiEM25’s annual report presented to Belgian authorities can be reviewed here (ID number required to access: ID 0662.528.113). The 2019 report is delayed due to coronavirus.



Donations for June 2024

DiEM25 is solely funded by small, individual contributions from its members – we receive no grants, subsidies or corporate donations of any kind. Contribute here

Due to the difficulty of tracking different sources, fees, cases where payments were later declined etc., the following only tracks intentions. Compare to the total received income below.

Size of donations



Earmarked donations


Total income that arrived in our bank account in June 2024: 36,254.01 Euro

Total expenses paid from our bank account in June 2024: 68,625.73 Euro


Expenses in June 2024

This part’s presentation and design has been modeled after that of the United Nations', so that you can easily review our monthly expenses by dragging and dropping the category clusters as you like. Hover over the smaller blocks in order to learn the specific details.

Field in which the expense was made
Specific type of expense
Which collective requested the expense or received the money (mainly for events and travel)
The country where our movement received a boost from this funding allocation (mainly for events and travel)

Expenses by collective

Expenses by type of expense

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  • Realm
  • Kind
  • Collective