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Supporting Elly Schlein and the Coraggiosa list in Emilia-Romagna elections





Italy is a major battlefield, not only for DiEM25, but for all forces fighting against the resurgence of fascism in Europe. And the next battle to face in Italy are the upcoming elections in Emilia-Romagna on January 26, a region that used to be a beacon for progressives and which might now provide the opportunity for Salvini’s Lega to shake and re-enter government.

In the evaluation of our Italian Electoral Wing, Elly Schlein’s Emilia-Romagna Coraggiosa ("Brave Emilia Romagna") is the only list, within the progressive democratic anti-fascist front, to have a program that is similar to ours, frankly ecological and anti-neoliberal in its economic policy guidelines. Through negotiations, the Italian Electoral Wing has come into a preliminary agreement to support them on the basis of DiEM25’s principles and Green New Deal policy proposals, especially the adaptation of the Green New Deal for Emilia-Romagna which our local DSCs developed. In accordance to our movement’s democratic principles, we now submit to you the final decision on whether we should go ahead with this alliance or not.

You can read the key letters setting out the terms of the alliance here and here. The policies we would defend in this election include:

  • getting 100% of our energy from renewable sources by 2035 and reaching zero climate change emissions by 2050

  • investing in public transport and railways rather than motorways, also for freight traffic, and making public transport free for young people up to the age of 25

  • increasing the availability of public services in rural areas

  • fighting discrimination based on race, gender, or sexual orientation

Elly Schlein, leader of the list, is perhaps the most inspiring young voice in the Italian left. The candidates also include one DiEM25 member, Aldo Arbore. Full list of candidates:

● BOLOGNA / Schlein Elena Ethel detta Elly; Taruffi Igor; Berti Gessica; Ulivieri Maximiliano; Pasquali Laura; Caserta Sergio; Freddi Daniela; Capobianco Francesco; Sedda Bruno; Mato Jora; Manigrasso Giovanni detto Gianni.

● FERRARA / Schlein Elena Ethel detta Elly; Romani Flavio; Alvisi Angela Rita; Grassi Leonardo.

● FORLI-CESENA / Spallaccia Beatrice; Alagna Cecilia detta Ceci; Gerbino Gaetano; Palazzi Ignazio; Zanetti Lodovico detto Vico.

● MODENA / Trande Paolo; Biagini Erica; Cornia Cinzia; Magnoni Carlo; Venturelli Martina; Arbore Aldo; Sentimenti Mauro; Ascari Donatella.

● PARMA / Boschini Marco; Maurizio Anna Rita; Ghisoni Francesco; Massera Silvia; Angri Matteo.

● PIACENZA / Castelli Massimo; Corso Benedetta; Pastorelli Franco; Groppelli Serena.

● RAVENNA / Ortolani Luca; Vicari Federica; Necki Edward Jan; Marchetti Isabella.

● REGGIO EMILIA / Schlein Elena Ethel detta Elly; Amico Federico Alessandro; Bertoldi Mara; Guaitolini Sergio; Maccaferri Elena; Orlandi Wassili detto Nello.

● RIMINI / Zamagna Chiara; Fiori Alfio; Marani Mara; Mina Fabio.

Elly Schlein believes that “These are ideal conditions to ground the Green New Deal and build innovative practices and then share them with other territories. If, as I hope, we are decisive for victory, it is clear that this will also give an important signal at national level.”

Do you agree that DiEM25 should endorse this list for the Emilia-Romagna elections?

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