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Statutes of the German Electoral Wing





As this is a local issue, members who don't feel knowledgeable about Germany or don't speak German may skip this vote.


German DiEMers wish to found our German Electoral Wing on June 2nd in Frankfurt. This would be a major milestone on our way to a Transnational List. However, before a DiEM25-linked party can be founded, all members have to approve its statutes. That time has come now.

The German National Collective, with the help of a DiEM25-affiliated lawyer, has prepared a draft of the statutes. The statutes were discussed and commented by a lot of German members. Find the result here:  German statutes  - amateur English translation.

A few issues (name, women's quota, quota of NC members and the majority for a change of statutes) are still open. These have been submitted for separate votes that you will be shown after casting your vote now, or by going to the Dashboard.


Do you approve of the linked statutes, if the final version will be adjusted to match the result of the other votes?

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