Groningen Collective: founding meeting

Das Ereignis

Do you want to confront power and make short-term change at the local level in Groningen? Do you want to get together with other DiEM'ers in Groningen and help write policies on the national and international level? Then make sure to come to the founding meeting of the Groningen Collective on Thursday the 16th at Forum Groningen!

Together with other DiEM'ers you will decide what the Groningen Collective will focus on. Will you organise People's Gatherings? Will you engage in local activism to change municipality laws? How will your collective support the national agenda? Come to Forum and make your voice heard!

To come to the meeting fully prepared, make sure to read the Activist Guidelines and the mini-manifesto for the Netherlands.

Hope to see you there,

Carpe DiEM!

PS: join the Groningen Collective chat on Telegram to make sure you don't miss any last-minute changes.


(This meeting was originally going to take place on 16 February but has now been moved to 16 March.)

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16/03/2023 @ 06:15 EST
Forum Groningen @ Groningen, Niederlande
Groningen Collective Contact
Art der Veranstaltung


Forum Groningen

Nieuwe Markt 1, 9712 KN Groningen