Brussels sept9 banner

>> Support our “The Real State of the Union” event in Brussels on September 9!

>> We can shatter the status quo.

  • create a nucleus of DiEM25 activists in Brussels
  • ensure that our proposals for progressive change take root in EU policy circles
  • help us build a key part of an international progressive alliance to influence policy, guide our long-term decision-making, and save our Union
  • conduct the first of many DiEM25-activist workshops aimed at strategically brainstorming and agreeing on a list of actions on how we, as grassroots DiEM25 activists, can take our work to the next level and produce sweeping change from the ground up

>> We need your help to make it happen!

  • Flights and accommodation of some of the speakers coming from all across Europe (€ 2500)
  • Logistical costs (€ 1000)
  • Grass roots 5-hour workshop for 100 DiEM25 activists and volunteers (€ 1000)
  • Communication team, website, print-outs and posters to promote DiEM25 and the European New Deal (€ 1500)
  • Artistic intervention by DiEM25 Voice (€ 1000)

Thank you!

Current funding:

4120 of 7000 EUR
goal: 7000

Please contact us at if you wish to discuss other ways to contribute or payment methods.