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New Local Collective formation request

Dear DiEMer, thank you for wanting to found a local group of DiEM25 in your city/region! The primary aim and responsibility of a Local Collective is to get active for DiEM25 locally.

1. If you want to found a Local Collective, please make sure you read our Activist Guidelines and check out here, if there is a Local Collective in your region/city that you can join or complement by building a second group.

2. You need members to found a group. If you don't have the necessary number of people to found a Local Collective you can either contact DiEMers in your city here in a newsletter, find other members here by searching in members profiles or use our forum here.

If you completed step 1 and 2 you can request the formation of a new Local Collective with this form and it will also help you to think about your goals as a group!


Location and language

Coordinators and members


Here are links to the main campaigns and projects currently organised by DiEM25: Campaign Accelerator, Green New Deal for Europe Campaign and People's Gatherings.

Which local campaigns would you like to start? And do you know about DiEM25's Campaign Accelerator and our Green New Deal for Europe Campaign? *



Every local DiEM25 group has an interactive little homepage you can use for events and communication. See for example the Zuid Holland Collective here!

Here are links to the campaigns and projects mentioned in this form: Campaign Accelerator, Green New Deal for Europe Campaign and People's Gatherings

Thank you for investing time in DiEM25. It is our collective efforts that will make the difference!

You can reach us via should you require help!

Carpe DiEM!