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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of DiEM25. As a member, you'll be able to participate in our actions, shape our campaigns, co-write our policy programmes and connect with the DiEM25 community all over Europe and around the world.
DiEM25 is 100% financed through membership fees and small, individual donations. On the last page, we will ask for a 5 EUR membership fee. We offer exemptions for people who cannot afford it. Not ready to become a member yet? Get our newsletter.

I understand that by becoming a member, I agree to DiEM25's Privacy Policy, namely giving DiEM25 permission to store the data I provide in this form and to keep me informed of new votes and other ways to participate as a member in DiEM25.

DiEM25 members get together in spontaneous bottom-up groups (called DSCs) in cities all over Europe and even beyond. There are also online groups working on various topics. We will use the following optional information in order to connect you to DiEM25 activists.
In DiEM25, all policy decisions are taken by online all-member vote. Please select a password in order to be able to log in and participate in these votes. The same password also allows you access to our Forum and other tools.
Membership fees are a redistributive mechanism. Apart from allowing us to hire staff, they enable us to subsidize poorer members' travel to DiEM25 events and activists' expenses, since DiEM25 does not receive any money from EU programs and the like. All our income is from membership fees and small, individual donations. You can see a detailed breakdown of our income and expenses on the Financial Transparency page.
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