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Last batch of MeRA25 MEP candidates





MeRA25 is reaching the finish line of the EU elections. The Political Secretariat suggests that, in addition to those candidates who have already been approved, these 9 candidates should be added: 


Lymperis Yannis

  • Architect - Interior Designer (currently on disability pension)

  • Member of MeRA25, Producer of the 1st MeRA25 Radio broadcast concerning persons with disabilities (broadcasted on 12/3/2018)

  • Member of the Union of European Journalists

Zografakis Dimiris

  • Theater, Cinema and TV Actor

  • Members of DiEM25 and MeRA25

  • Member of MeRA' Culture Sector

Foinikiadis Michael

  • Professor of Physical Education 

  • Works in the private sector since 2003

  • Member of DiEM25 and MeRA25, Coordinator of MeRA25 Larisa Group

  • Politically active but not involved in any party since his involvement with MeRA25

Konstantopoulos Panos

  • Born in Athens in 1972

  • Works as a journalist and graphic designer


Nikoloudi Agapi

  • Doctor – Biopathologist

  • Volunteer doctor at the Doctors Without Borders in Athens and France

  • Member as a student of International Amnesty at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium

  • Member of DiEM25 and of MeRA25

Panagiotaki Evangelia (Evi)

  • Political scientist – ballet instructor

  • Member of DiEM and MeRA25

  • Coordinator of the local MeRA group in Rethimnon (Crete)

Dimitriadi Panagiota (Giota)

  • Born in Hamburg on 1973

  • Studied marketing and economics with concentration on hotel management

  • Working as a private sector employee

  • Social activity: volunteer in an association of children with Down syndrome in Germany, volunteer in associations that help refugees, homeless people and active participant in social kitchen collectivities.

  • Member of MeRA25, coordinator of the local group in Trikala

Chronopoulou Chrisavgi (Avgi)

  • Born in Athens on 1962

  • Works as accountant

  • Member of DiEM and MeRA, active member of the West Athens local MeRA group

Tsichlaki Virginia

  • Born in Marousi on 1982.

  • Has studied nursing in Crete (Herakleion) and professional make-up in which she is currently working for the last years.

  • Mother of 2 children

  • Member of DiEM and MeRA25

We have reached the phase of the completion of the MEPs' candidates' list and therefore your participation is essential. Because tommorrow changes today!

Based on the information offered by the Political Secretariat of MeRA25 and your personal judgement, do you approve of this list?

Voting is closed

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