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Should DiEM25 endorse the policy paper developed by our Green New Deal for Europe policy coalition?




Please read the below and indicate whether you agree or disagree at the bottom.
On 2 December, the new European Commission will take its seat, the COP25 talks will begin in Spain and our Green New Deal for Europe campaign hopes to launch the next edition of its policy paper, A Blueprint for Europe’s Just Transition.
The report was first launched earlier this year for public consultation. Since then, we received hundreds of responses from experts, researchers, labour unionists, think tanks, activists and even European Union institutions, with the majority of responses coming from our DiEM25 membership. The comments have made our report stronger, more cohesive and more radical.
The new edition of the Blueprint — launched at this pivotal moment in the history of the climate movement — presents an opportunity and a challenge. 
An opportunity for activists, politicians and communities around Europe to unite behind our powerful vision for a just transition — a vision that can also power DiEM25’s electoral efforts. And a challenge to the weak climate, environmental and social policies put forward by the political establishment. 
This is the report. And here is an Executive Summary of the report: https://diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/GNDE-Exec-Summary_EN.pdf
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