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OP vote 3: all-member votes





For all amendments of the Organising Principles, a 60% majority and at least 50% turnout are necessary.

There has been uncertainty about how participatory democracy works in DiEM25. The most contested question was whether the CC or a DSC could endorse a political candidate on behalf of DiEM25 or take similar wide-ranging decisions. The below proposed addition to the Organising Principles is intended to clarify how we take such decisions.


All-member votes (to be inserted as section 3)

DiEM25 strives to promote participatory democracy in the formulation of its policies and practices. Policies at all levels (local, regional, national and pan-European) are approved in all-member votes. Even when a policy concerns a local or national issue, all members (across Europe) must approve it by means of an all-member vote. This transnational approach is central to DiEM25’s raison d’être.

Policies that concern one of the pillars of the Progressive Agenda will be developed & voted in line with the Progressive Agenda section of the Organising Principles. Other policies, such as DiEM25's stance on any election or referendum or issue that does not fit into one of the pillars1 and is not obvious from the Manifesto, are decided in the following manner:

1. Policy proposals can emerge either directly from the Coordinating Collective (CC) or from groups of DiEM25 members that table a proposed policy with the CC. In the latter case, the CC must decide whether the movement has an interest in considering this proposal.

2. The issue must be put out to the membership for consultation and discussion.

3. Following this deliberation, the various responses must be collected and synthesised into one or more policy options/proposals that are then put to an all-member vote. If no one proposal is supported by 50% of the voting members plus one, then a run-off vote is organised between the two more preferred proposals.

As all-member votes normally run for 7 days and require at least another week in preparation time, urgent issues may be submitted to a Validating Council vote instead.


1 Issues explicitly excluded are those that would compell any of DiEM25's organs to meet at a certain place or time or in a certain manner, or to coerce them to work on a particular campaign. 

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