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Statutes of the Italian Electoral Wing





As decided by DiEMers in 2017 (“Not another political party”), and as already realised in Greece and Germany, time has come to approve an electoral wing for our movement in Italy. The electoral wing will be a crucial tool of our movement to contest the 2019 European elections in Italy - while maintaining full ownership of the campaign and the political strategy to our pan-European movement and members base.

The Italian National Collective has elaborated Statutes for the Electoral Wing, and revised it following a period of consultation on the forum. We are now ready to cast an all-member vote on the Statutes. Read them here: Statutes in Italian (original) - Statutes in English (translation)

A few issues (type of membership and eligibility of candidates) are still open. These have been submitted for separate votes that you will be shown after casting your vote now, or by going to the Dashboard.

Do you approve of the linked statutes, if the final version will be adjusted to match the result of the other votes?

Voting is closed

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