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(Greece) Approving the Prespes Agreement for Northern Macedonia

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MACEDONIA: MeRA25’s position viz. the Athens-Skopje agreement to resolve the name dispute and other matters

OPTION 1: MeRA25 welcomes the agreement between the two governments to resolve the dispute around the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, to be named ‘Republic of Northern Macedonia’ as one that is advantageous for all peoples of the region, including Greeks. MeRA25 calls on Skopje to cease any attempt to monopolise the name of Macedonia and condemns any form of irredentism or hysterical, nationalist narrative. At the same time, MeRA25 will oppose the hysterical nationalist narratives in Greece that divide our people and prevent the people of Greece to ally with their northern neighbours, despite our common interests.

OPTION 2: MeRA25 opposes any name for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia that involves the name Macedonia

OPTION 3: MeRA25 proposes that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia be known as ‘Republic of Macedonia’

Recommendation of MeRA25 Secretariat and DiEM25 Greece National Collective: OPTION 1

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