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(Germany) Party: Board elections





The German party board has received several suggestions for changes of the party statutes. These suggestions are presented here independent of whether the party board agrees or not, in order to learn the opinion of DiEM25 members. The changes will have to be voted at the party assembly on November 24th.

§8a(1) The requirement that only present members of the board can be elected is deleted to allow candidates who cannot travel to participate in elections.

§8a(2) The number of chairpersons is increased from one to two to lower the work burden of the chairpersons.

§8a(2) The „soft“ rule that half of the board should consist of members of the German NC is deleted, as this no longer corresponds to reality - at least since we have DiB members on the board.

§8a(5) Provides that the Board is collegially organized, makes its decisions jointly and should cooperate with the German NC of DiEM25 and the Federal Board of Demokratie in Bewegung (DiB, our ally). This provision is meant to clarify that there is no hierarchy among the board members and to facilitate the cooperation of the movement DiEM25 with the party Demokratie in Bewegung in the Electoral Wing.

Review the current statutes at https://internal.diem25.org/vote/56

Should paragraph 8a be rewritten in this way?

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