DiEM25 TV: "Another Now" with Yanis Varoufakis and Enrico Giovannini

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Enrico Giovannini is currently co-chair of the "Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development", established by the Secretary General of the United Nations, co-chair of the Statistical Advisory Panel for the Human Development Report of the United Nations and co-chair, along with Joseph Stiglitz, of the Strategic Forum on the measurement of well-being, joint initiative of the International Statistical Institute and of the International Economic Association. He was also a member of the Taskforce created by the Italian government to help the country prepare for after COVID-19.

We call it TV because we like retro-futurism. But it's much more than TV. In times of global pandemics, DiEM25 is launching a special online and completely free program to understand the current crisis and offer tools and hope to get out of it stronger and more united in building the World After Coronavirus.

Everyone can join; you don't have to be a DiEM25 member. Please register for the event in order to get a link sent to your email. The registration form also allows you to ask a question to the panelists, suggest next topics and next guests.



This discussion will be livestreamed on the DiEM25 Youtube channel. Please ask your questions ahead of the event via the registration form. We will send a link to the livestream to all Registered participants approximately half an hour before the start.

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04/05/2020 @ 14:00 EST
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