DiEM25 in NL joins the March for Palestine

The Event

Last weekend, the world was rocked by events taking place in Israel. Politicians tumbled over each other to condemn the violence and to once again express their unconditional support for Israel.

But politicians who go along with the deceptive image as if the violence began last weekend are glossing over the Israeli violence of 75 years of ethnic cleansing, oppression, military occupation and apartheid - also known as Al Nakba.

The cause of violence is oppression. And to end all violence - from the oppressor as well as the oppressed - oppression MUST end.

For peace, security and equal rights for all, we must acknowledge and name Israeli violence and the complicity of the colonial West in Israel's apartheid, colonialism and military occupation must end, starting here in the Netherlands, one of Israel's staunchest allies and partners.

"Never in history has violence begun with the oppressed. ... Violence is initiated by those who oppress, exploit and do not recognize others as persons, not by those who are oppressed, exploited and not recognized." (Paolo Freire)

The extreme right-wing government of Israel, the most racist, fundamentalist and fanatical ever, has mercilessly stepped up its ethnic cleansing, siege, murder, imprisonment and daily humiliation of millions of Palestinians. They thought that with their unmitigated brutality they could simply force the Palestinians into complete submission.

Knowing itself to be untouchable, because of unconditional European and American support, funding and armaments, and because of its shameful normalization with Arab dictatorships, the Netanyahu regime believed it was time to bury the "issue of Palestine" once and for all. 

The people of Gaza, 70% refugees from ethnically cleansed and colonized villages in the area, now have nothing to lose. After 16 years of suffocating blockade, the area has been officially uninhabitable since 2020. For 16 years, Israel has hermetically sealed off 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, starving them, denying them medical care and depriving them of all freedom. And year after year, Israel has been bombing Gaza with great regularity. Where were those, who now clamour loudly for the right to self-defence, all these years?

This is a call for the demonstration Sunday, October 15, from Dam Square to Westerpark.

The action is an initiative of: Palestine Services and Research Center Foundation (DocP), Decolonize Groningen, Rotterdam for Gaza, Broad Platform Palestine Haarlem, International Socialists, Palestinian Community Netherlands, Groningen for Palestine

DiEM25 in the Netherlands is joining the following organisations in this action (see full list):

Amsterdam Autonomous Coalition
Activistenpartij UvA
Stichting Groningen - Jabalya
Vrouwen in het Zwart - Groningen
ROSA (Radical Organization of Students in Amsterdam)
We Promise
Ontmoet Palestina
Groningen BIJ1

DiEM25 supporting Palestine

DiEM25 has long been a devoted advocate for the Palestinian cause. Below are some links to our past and more recent writings, statements and views on the issue:

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15/10/2023 @ 08:00 EST
Dam, Amsterdam @ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Dam, Amsterdam