O DiEM25 tem mais de 114000 em mais de 195 países e territórios. aqui estão alguns deles.


Trazer um foco ao que é realmente importante

‐ Diogo Costa, ativista local

Não sou religiosa, mas tenho muita fé na juventude. Contudo, todos temos de agir já. A Europa sucumbe, resultado da falta de regras democráticas especialmente nos organismos de cúpula. Ou talvez nunca tenha verdadeiramente nascido... A Europa é possível!

‐ Rita Isabel Isidro , activista de base

Europe has become prisoner of a democratization and legitimization process that excludes large parts of the European population, as it is proved by the high percentages of electoral abstention and DiEM25 is a movement to represent these parts.

‐ Georgios Chatzivamvakis, MA Conflict, Development and Security

Because another world is not only possible but urgently necessary. And to build it we all need each other, beyond any frontier, fighting and fraternally building a future that will excite us and make us proud of this project.

‐ Jon E. Illescas

Democracy starts in the home, locality, community, region, national state, and this European Union. I have never seen as many policies that I instantly agreed and aligned to. The time to evolve politically and peacefully is now. That's what and why DiEM25

‐ James Doyle, grassroots activist

When I read for 1st.time something about this movement, where Varoufakis has been one of the main arquitects, I met a coincidence between the ideaI I always had of Europe and the principles of DiEM25. I was not alone anymore. Let's build the new Europe.

‐ Domenico D'Eusanio, grassrots activist