Local Groups / DSCs

DSCs (DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives) are groups of volunteers who organise local DiEM25 events and actions. Anyone can start a DSC and start to promote DiEM25 locally, with only few, common-sense rules on how to use the DiEM25 name.

Groups that are in contact with DiEM25 are:

Country Group Information Contact email
Sydney1 Twitter Facebook sydney1dsc@diem25.org
Linz 1 Facebook
Vienna 1 Homepage Facebook diem25dscwien1@yahoo.com
Vienna 2 Facebook diem1030-info@mond.at
Vienna 3 (University) Facebook vienna3dsc@at.diem25.org
Belgia A Belgian National Collective was elected in December 2017: http://bit.ly/diem25_ncs
Email: info@be.diem25.org Info: Homepage Twitter Facebook
Brussels 1 Twitter Facebook info@be.diem25.org
Gent 1 Facebook
Sofia 1 diem25sofia@abv.bg
Rijeka 1 Facebook diem25.rijeka1@gmail.com
Zagreb 1 Facebook diem25zagreb1@xlpixel.com
Paphos 1 paphos1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Czechy Facebook
Ostravsko 1 Facebook diem25ostravsko@gmail.com
Prague 1 Facebook diem25prague1@seznam.cz
České Budějovice 1 diem25cekebudejovice@seznam.cz
Dania Facebook
Copenhagen 1 Homepage Facebook
Finlandia Facebook
Helsinki 1 Diem25Finland@protonmail.com
Francja A Provisional National Collective is active in France: https://internal.diem25.org/vc/view_vote/19
Email: info@fr.diem25.org Info: Twitter Facebook
Bordeaux 1 Facebook bordeaux1dsc@fr.diem25.org
Clermont-Ferrand 1 Facebook clermont1dsc@fr.diem25.org
Lille 1 Facebook lille.dsc@fr.diem25.org
Lyon 1 Twitter Facebook lyon1dsc@fr.diem25.org
Marseille 1 Facebook marseille.dsc@fr.diem25.org
Montpellier1 Facebook montpellier1dsc@fr.diem25.org
Nice 1 Twitter Facebook nice1dsc@fr.diem25.org
Paris 1 Facebook paris1dsc@fr.diem25.org
Strasbourg-BasRhin1 Twitter Facebook strasbourg-basrhin1@fr.diem25.org
Grecja A Greek National Collective was elected in December 2017: http://bit.ly/diem25_ncs
Email: info@gr.diem25.org Info: Twitter Facebook
Aegina 1 Homepage Facebook aegina1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Agrinio1 Facebook agrinio1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Athens 1 Twitter Facebook athens1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Athens 2 Facebook athens2dsc@gr.diem25.org
Athens 3 - Exarcheia Facebook athens3dsc@gr.diem25.org
Ioannina 1 Facebook ioannina1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Kavala1 kavala1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Patras 1 Facebook patras1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Thessaloniki 1 Twitter Facebook thessaloniki1dsc@gr.diem25.org
Thessaloniki 2 Facebook thessaloniki2dsc@gr.diem25.org
Thessaloniki 3 thessaloniki3dsc@gr.diem25.org
Hiszpania Twitter Facebook info@es.diem25.org
Andalucia 1 Facebook diem25andalucia@gmail.com
Aragon 1 diem25aragon1@gmail.com
Asturies 1 Facebook diem25.oviedo.dsc@gmail.com
Barcelona 1 Twitter Facebook barcelona1dsc@diem25.org
Barcelona 2 Twitter Facebook dolores@es.diem25.org
Cerdanyola 1 Twitter cerdanyola1dsc@diem25.org
Euskadi 1 Twitter Facebook diem25.euskadi@gmail.com
Galicia 1 Homepage Twitter Facebook diem25.galicia@gmail.com
Gran Canaria 1 Facebook diem25.grancanaria.dsc@gmail.com
Madrid 1 Twitter Facebook madrid1dsc@es.diem25.org
Holandia Homepage Twitter
Amsterdam 1 amsterdam1dsc@nl.diem25.org
Eindhoven1DSC eindhoven1dsc@nl.diem25.org
Maastricht 1 Twitter Facebook diem25maastricht@gmail.com
Nijmegen / Arnhem 1 nijmegen1dsc@nl.diem25.org
Utrecht 1 Homepage Facebook utrecht1dsc@nl.diem25.org
Zuid Holland 1 Facebook denhaag1dsc@nl.diem25.org
Dublin 1 Homepage Facebook
Luxembourg 1 Facebook dsclux1@protonmail.com
Luxembourg 2 dsc2@diem25.lu
Niemcy A German National Collective was elected in December 2017: http://bit.ly/diem25_ncs
Email: info@de.diem25.org Info: Twitter Facebook
Aachen 1 Facebook aachen1dsc@de.diem25.org
Augsburg 1 Homepage Facebook email@diem25augsburg.de
Berlin 1 Homepage Twitter Facebook berlin1dsc@de.diem25.org
Bonn 1 Twitter bonn1dsc@de.diem25.org
Bremen 1 Facebook bremen1dsc@de.diem25.org
Darmstadt 1 Facebook darmstadt1dsc@de.diem25.org
Dresden 1 Facebook dresden1dsc@de.diem25.org
Düsseldorf 1 diem25duesseldorf@icloud.com
Frankfurt a.M. 1 Twitter Facebook diem25frankfurt@gmx.de
Freiburg 1 Twitter Facebook freiburg1dsc@de.diem25.org
Hamburg 1 Homepage Twitter Facebook hamburg1dsc@de.diem25.org
Kassel 1 Facebook kassel1dsc@de.diem25.org
Köln 1 Twitter Facebook rheinland1dsc@de.diem25.org
Leipzig 1 Twitter Facebook leipzig1dsc@de.diem25.org
Mainz 1 Twitter Facebook mainz1dsc@de.diem25.org
Mittelbaden 1 Homepage mittelbaden1dsc@de.diem25.org
Mittelhessen 1 (Gießen) mittelhessen1dsc@de.diem25.org
München 1 Facebook munich1dsc@de.diem25.org
Münster 1 Facebook muenster1dsc@de.diem25.org
Niederbayern 1 Homepage Twitter Facebook niederbayern1dsc@de.diem25.org
Nordbaden 1 Homepage Facebook nordbaden1dsc@de.diem25.org
Nürnberg / Franken Facebook dennyhi@freenet.de
Ostwestfalen - Lippe 1 (Bielefeld) owl1dsc@de.diem25.org
Regensburg 1 Facebook regensburg1dsc@de.diem25.org
Rhein-Neckar 1 rhein-neckar1dsc@de.diem25.org
Stuttgart 1 stuttgart1dsc@de.diem25.org
Trier 1 trier1dsc@de.diem25.org
Wiesbaden 1 wiesbaden1dsc@de.diem25.org
Wuppertal bergisch1dsc@de.diem25.org
Oslo 1 Facebook norge-diem25@protonmail.com
Polska Facebook
Gdańsk 1 diem25gdansk@gmail.com
Katowice 1 Facebook diem25katowice@gmail.com
Legionowo 1 Facebook diem25legionowo@gmail.com
Olsztyn 1 diem25.olsztyn@gmail.com
Torun 1 diem25.torun@gmail.com
Warsaw 1 diem25warszawa@gmail.com
Wroclaw 1 Facebook diem25wroclaw@gmail.com
Faro 1 Facebook faro1dsc@pt.diem25.org
Lisbon 1 Facebook lisboa1dsc@pt.diem25.org
Oeiras 1 Facebook oeiras1dsc@pt.diem25.org
Porto 1 Twitter Facebook porto1dsc@pt.diem25.org
Sintra 1 sintra1dsc@pt.diem25.org
Bucharest 1 Facebook diem25bucuresti@gmail.com
Serbia Facebook
Belgrade 1 Twitter Facebook diem25belgrade@gmail.com
Stany Zjednoczone
NYC1 Twitter Facebook nyc1dsc@diem25.org
Geneva 1 Facebook
Szwecja Facebook
Stockholm 1 Twitter Facebook
Bratislava 1 bratislava1dsc@diem25.org
Ljubljana 1 diem25lj@gmail.com
Maribor 1 diem25mb@riseup.net
Kyiv kyiv1dsc@diem25.org
Wielka Brytania A Provisional National Collective is active in the UK: https://internal.diem25.org/vc/view_vote/12
Email: info@uk.diem25.org Info: Homepage Facebook
Belfast 1 Twitter Facebook
Cymru 1 Homepage diem25cymru@gmail.com
London 1 Twitter Facebook london1dsc@uk.diem25.org
Manchester 1 manchester1dsc@uk.diem25.org
Newcastle 1 Facebook newcastle1dsc@uk.diem25.org
Nottingham 1 Facebook
Sheffield1 sheffield1dsc@uk.diem25.org
The Potteries1 DSC potteries1@uk.diem25.org
Budapest 1 bpdiem25@gmail.com
Włochy An Italian National Collective was elected in December 2017: http://bit.ly/diem25_ncs
Email: info@italia.diem25.org Info: Twitter Facebook
Augusta 1 augusta1dsc@it.diem25.org
Bari 1 Facebook bari1dsc@it.diem25.org
Bologna 1 Facebook
Bologna 2 Facebook
Cagliari 1 Twitter Facebook diem25sardegna.ita@gmail.com
Chieti 1 chieti1dsc@it.diem25.org
Como 1 como1dsc@it.diem25.org
Cosenza 1 Facebook cosenza1dsc@it.diem25.org
Elmas 1 Facebook
Firenze 1 firenze1dsc@it.diem25.org
Foggia 1 foggia1dsc@it.diem25.org
Genova 1 Facebook genova1dsc@it.diem25.org
Ginosa 1 Facebook ginosa1dsc@it.diem25.org
L'Aquila 1 laquila1dsc@it.diem25.org
Lecce 1 Facebook lecce1dsc@it.diem25.org
Lecce 2 Facebook lecce2dsc@it.diem25.org
Macerata 1 macerata1dsc@it.diem.org
Matera 1 Facebook matera1dsc@it.diem25.org
Messina 1 Facebook messina1dsc@it.diem.org
Milano 1 Facebook
Napoli 1 Facebook dscnaples1@gmail.com
Padova 1 padova1dsc@it.diem25.org
Palermo 1 Facebook palermo1dsc@it.diem25.org
Palermo 2 Facebook palermo2dsc@it.diem25.org
Palermo 3 palermo3dsc@it.diem25.org
Parma 1 parma1dsc@it.diem25.org
Perugia 1 perugia1dsc@it.diem25.org
Pescara 1 pescara1dsc@it.diem25.org
Piombino 1 Facebook piombino1dsc@it.diem25.org
Pisa 1 pisa1dsc@it.diem25.org
Pistoia 1 pistoia1dsc@it.diem25.org
Potenza 1 potenza1dsc@it.diem25.org
Reggio Emilia 1 Facebook reggioemilia1dsc@it.diem25.org
Roma 2 diem25roma2@gmail.com
Roma 3 roma3dsc@it.diem25.org
Roma Migrazioni roma.migrazioni@italia.diem25.org
Rovigo 1 rovigo1dsc@it.diem25.org
Salerno 1 salerno1dsc@it.diem25.org
Siracusa 1 siracusa1dsc@it.diem25.org
Taranto 1 Facebook taranto1dsc@it.diem.org
Torino 1 Facebook torino1dsc@it.diem25.org
Torino 2 Facebook torino2dsc@it.diem25.org
Treviso 1 veneziatreviso1dsc@it.diem25.org
Trieste 1 Facebook trieste1dsc@it.diem25.org
Valdinievole 1 valdinievole1dsc@it.diem25.org
Veneto Orientale 1 venetoorientale1dsc@it.diem25.org
Venezia 1 venezia1dsc@it.diem25.org
Verbania 1 verbania1dsc@it.diem.org
Verona 1 verona1dsc@it.diem25.org
Vicenza 1 vicenza1dsc@it.diem25.org

More groups and local DiEM25 members can be found via the forum.

If you want to start a group in your town, write to volunteer@diem25.org.