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Germany-specific appendix to the European program





All European Spring parties must support the European Spring program in full, but they may add some local-flavour additions as long as these don't contradict the rest of the program. 

For Germany, there has been a discussion in the European Spring forum with the result that members want to add the following to our program in Germany: German program with additions in grey print.

In summary, the added text concerns:

- confirm our commitment to rule of law, the UN's sustainable development goals and human rights

- lower voting age to 16

- more European solidarity for member states with high unemployment

- European social security number

- convert Germany to 100% renewable energies by 2035 while continuing to shun nuclear power

- tax kerosene, reduce subsidies to the airline industry, VAT on international flights

- no patents on seeds

- more regulation on use of chemicals and heavy metals

- increase repairability of everyday items

- wealth tax on very great wealth

- tax companies in the country where they earn income

- fair distribution of asylum seekers in order to prevent big camps in Southern Europe and to allow quick processing of their asylum

- help refugees worldwide, as most of them don't even reach Europe

- make it easier for refugees to get permission to work

- ban nuclear weapons

- reduce cost of military and soldiers

- rethink security politics: away from the arms race towards a global cooperative peace and security architecture

- women's quota for supervisory boards

- strengthen citizens' data sovereignty

- promote cultural diversity and reject racism, antisemitism, islamophobia and political/religious totalitarianism

- promote volunteering

- better protection of the press

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