Policy work

Engaging in policy development at DiEM25 means actively collaborating with fellow Members to realise the vision set out in our Manifesto. We aim to develop radical and realistic proposals that put Europe, and beyond, on an alternative path, be it in the economical, political, cultural, ecological, technological or other interrelated spheres.

The primary engine of policy content in DiEM25 are our Members who contribute their ideas through our participatory policy process. This begins with a questionnaire on a theme and - through multiple feedback rounds - culminates in a major policy White paper (defined in our Organising Principles).

Policy positions that are developed by our Thematic Collectives are put through our Crowd Editing process prior to finalisation by our General Policy Task Force. This allows our Members to provide direct feedback on the content in their language of choice. The responses are then synthesised and subsequently put to an All Member Vote as defined in our Organising Principles.

Thus far, DiEM25 has produced the following major policy papers:

Additionally, we invite you to refer to our communally-voted positions on:

Please review the full list of All-Member Votes for more.

Policy pillars in development:

Upcoming areas of policy:

  • Politics, Labour, Finance and Economics Post Capitalism
  • Seeding Right Educational Foundations for Life
  • Empowering the People through Deliberative Democracy

How to get engaged:

  • To share your ideas on our major areas of policy, please send an email to: policy@diem25.org
  • To review our policy library - which includes political programmes at the national level - please navigate here
  • To volunteer with existing groups organised around policy themes, please complete this form
  • To view an organisational chart indicating our various groups, please refer to our organigram
  • To request creation of a Thematic Collective, please navigate here

More detailed information is available in our Activist Guidelines - please do review them before getting engaged. If you have any other questions, kindly get in touch via policy@diem25.org .

Carpe DiEM!

DiEM25 Policy Coordination