People’s Gatherings: Grounding GNDE in the UK

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DiEM25 UK members are coming together around a series of open discussion forums over coming months, thematically bracketing the social, environmental, economic, cultural and political cleavages that will not - can not - be arrested under the stagnancy and intransigence of existing arrangements.

Objectives pivot on the grounding of DiEM’s programme and policy positions within UK contexts through a concerted engagement of membership input and support, so as to cement a strong foundation for orienting and extending UK activities, and to inform the shaping of a manifesto contoured to UK conditions.

The first of these People’s Gatherings, on the theme of the Green New Deal for Europe, comes together on Tuesday 22nd March at 7.30pm GMT

To start our discussions, and provide a platform for any members who wish to input without necessarily being able to attend the Gathering, and to provide a record of such discussions, members are encouraged to feed in your views, positions, critiques as we deliberate on…


To help get the ball rolling, we have been joined by Asad Rehman (War on Want director, COP26 Coalition co-founder) and Dusan Pajovic (GNDE campaign co-ord) to survey the multiple emergencies confronting the peoples of the UK and to foreground some of the significances for all involved in the effort to ‘birth the new’. We recommend members take advantage of Dusan and Asad’s potent contributions to prime ourselves for deliberations over the weeks and months ahead. This discussion can be viewed here:

People’s Gatherings - Grounding GNDE in the United Kingdom

We are encouraging all DiEMers having contributions to make to both the conversation around - and the forging of a manifesto purposed to - DiEM25's agenda for the UK as we confront the monumental challenges before us, to join this Gathering.

The process of UK programme development is expected to develop into 2022, opening new strands of discussion initiated by your contributions for which we will be setting up specific threads on the forum in the members' area. For this strand - Grounding GNDE in the UK - please join in the discussion and feed in your interventions. If you find you're unavailable for any Gatherings, we'd particularly encourage you to follow up by tracking the forum exchanges on the following link, entering the conversation and bringing your contributions in there. All of this material will be compiled as we progress together.

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22/03/2022 @ 14:30 EST
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