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Women's quota on the board of the French Electoral Wing





As this is a local issue, members who don't feel knowledgeable about France or don't speak French may skip this vote.


The French Electoral Wing's statutes included a blank in the section regarding the makeup of the party board, regarding the women's quota. The blank will be filled based on the result of this vote.

The Electoral Wing will aim to have gender balance on its board. What should happen if gender balance is not possible?

a) Hard quota

b) Soft quota

Note: in case of a 'hard quota', the board will definitely be formed from the same number of women and men. If less than 5 women submit candidacies, the size of the board may be decreased, depending on the decision about the NC quota.

In case of a 'soft quota', the board will in such cases be filled with candidates of another gender.

In any case we want to encourage all women in DiEM25 to be candidates!

What is your choice?

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