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Our electoral strategy in the UK





Our electoral strategy in the UK

Joint proposal by the CC and UK NC

On the run-up to the European Parliament Elections in the UK, DiEM25 encourages all its members and supporters to work toward the following aims:

1.  Avoid turning the EP UK election into a re-run of the first referendum (i.e. desist from any campaigning on a choice between Leave and Remain) 

2.  An energetic campaign in favour of a Progressive UK Agenda for Europe that is independent of the Brexit outcome but dependent on the formation of a Corbyn-led government [Recalling that DiEM25's European New Deal was compiled so as to be applicable both to EU and to non-EU European countries]

3.  Bringing progressive Leavers and Remainers together to work on, and endorse, our proposed Progressive UK Agenda for Europe 

4.  Supporting any expression of a progressive vote in the EU elections in favour of anti-austerity, anti-racist and eco-socialist lists or candidates, to counter the bigotry, racism and intolerance of the far right.

5   Promoting, throughout coming weeks and months, both the Green New Deal of our European Spring program and our call for a People's Debate on Brexit and on the many interconnected crises that Brexit has revealed.

6. Standing together in solidarity, irrespective of how we voted in the 2016 referendum, in calling for democracy and social justice. Let's start building the progressive international that Europe and the world desperately need.

This proposal is the result of this forum debate. Further detail on why we propose this can be found in Yanis‘ letter.

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