Duncan Chapman

TwickenhamMbretëria e Bashkuar

Responsible for GND at Coordination in the UK

Happily Married (naturalised brit/ architect) - 3 much loved children (learning spanish/ drama/piano) - I am a european (the british bit) on the “still up for progress” side of 55 years old.

Most of my working life has been in architecture and town planning, but I am now focused on product design and manufacture.

I am interested in the progressive transformation of the EU project, and through european scale endeavour, global transformation.

If there are 4 types of person (clever + lazy, clever + energetic, stupid + lazy, stupid + energetic), and if there is one type that no organisation trying to get anything done should allow in, then this is a bit of a worry … to all the other “tryers” within the movement, I look forward to meeting up for a glass of wine after this Covid stuff has been sorted, and to trying to avoid being any kind of disaster area in the meantime.

Carpe Diem (and sod the unbelievers), Dunc.