We Accuse! Stop Germany aiding and abetting the genocide in Gaza


The Palestine Congress is held in Berlin 12-14 April with numerous keynote speakers, panels and workshops discussing pro-Palestinian activism in Germany which is becoming increasing under pressure from the government and society.

14 April DiEM25 in Netherlands is taking part in an international day of action to accuse the German goverment of openly supporting genocide in Gaza. We gather at the German embassy in the Hague to voice our demands.

We Accuse! Condemn and demand the punishing of the members of the German Federal Security Council and their accomplices under the criminal offence of supporting genocide.

In this spirit, we join the Palestinian and Jewish, German and international voices organising a simultaneous public tribunal against the German government with world-renowned speakers in Berlin on April 14. This will be broadcasted internationally.

Sanction the German state and its public institutions through the international BDS movement and the Strike Germany Initiative to achieve the following demands:

  • Immediate cessation of German arms shipments to Israel.

  • Cessation of any diplomatic support or justification of the genocide by Germany. Ceasefire now!

  • Immediate lifting of all restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza and full funding of UNRWA by the German state.

  • Comprehensive reparations by the German state to the Palestinian people.

Despite repression, criminalization, defamation and racist incitement, we in Germany will continue to campaign for a complete end to the oppression of the Palestinians.

We are fighting for an end to Zionist settler colonialism and its apartheid policies from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, including the right of return for all Palestinian refugees.

But we need your support. Joins on April 14 in front of the German embassy in the Hague!

What you can do already

The German media and politicians have saved no efforts in their attempt to sabotage the Palestine Congress. As their last trick they managed to get the Berlin Sparkasse bank to freeze the bank account of the Jewish Voice organisation who is organising the congress. DiEM25 sprang to help and you can now donate here to help make this congress a success.

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14/04/2024 @ 08:00 - 10:00 EST
German embassy @ The Hague, Nederländerna
Dutch Coordination Team Contact
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German embassy

Groot Hertoginnelaan 18-20, 2517 EG Den Haag