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CC members in public office (Amendment to the OPs)





The Organising Principles, specifically section 1, bans individuals in public office or holding positions of major responsibility within a political party from being a member or candidate for the Coordinating Collective.

This restriction was mainly supposed to prevent a conflict of interests, as the CC has to negotiate with political parties on behalf of DiEM25 (on whether DiEM25 might endorse them or some of their candidates in an election), which it cannot effectively do if it negotiates with itself or its colleagues. Another aspect was to prevent DiEM25 from coming under the control of parties whose program is necessarily different from DiEM25's program.

At the time the Organising Principles were written, it was not envisaged that DiEM25 would form its own parties (Electoral Wings) whose program, priorities, participation in elections and choice of candidates would be 100% controlled by DiEM25. If it had been envisaged, the Organising Principles would probably have specified an exception for DiEM25's own parties.

Should this exception be added now?

The question is relevant now because Yanis Varoufakis has good chances of being elected a member of the Greek Parliament on July 7 and many of us cannot imagine him leaving behind his role in DiEM25.

The main counter-argument raised is that the rule such as it is in the Organising Principles also counteracts accumulation of mandates - even though that was not its original purpose and there is no rule against holding any other combination of DiEM25 mandates.

The concerned paragraphs of the Organising Principles with proposed amendments in red, are:

(Section 1)

"No individuals in public office or holding positions of major responsibility within a political party (e.g. sitting on its national executive or leadership board), except DiEM25‘s Electoral Wings, can sit on the CC."

"All DiEM25 members are eligible to stand for the CC except serving politicians who hold elected office in national parliaments, in the European Parliament, serve as ministers of state in national governments or on the national leadership/executive of national parties (membership of political parties, including serving on regional or lower level political party committees, is not included in this provision). An exception is made for those serving on behalf of DiEM25‘s Electoral Wings."

Do you agree that this exception should be added to the Organising Principles?

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