On March 14, for the first time in history, Europeans will be able to take a front seat in the meetings where their future is decided: DiEM25’s #EuroLeaks will take YOU inside the secretive, powerful Eurogroup that has no standing in law or treaty where far-reaching decisions about all our lives are made.


- Because YOU have the right to hear what YOUR elected officials are deciding in YOUR name. Democracy without transparency is impossible. If you do not know what your elected officials are doing on your behalf, you cannot pass judgement on them.

- Because what happened in Greece back in 2015 could happen again – anywhere in Europe.

- Because in the age of “fake news,” correct, unfiltered information is the only way to upend low-transparency centres of power and fend off propaganda.

- Because Brexit was largely propelled by the unacceptable decision-making process at the heart of the EU. #Euroleaks will also provide invaluable insights into how flimsily crucial decisions for the world economy are reached. Learning these lessons is not only a prerequisite for transforming Europe: DiEM25’s #Euroleaks is a service to democrats around the world.

- Because we as DiEM25 don’t take “no” for an answer and were willing take on the Establishment everywhere, at the ballots like we did with European Spring, in court like we did in our lawsuit against the ECB, and on the streets like we did last month to support our Advisory Panel member and transparency champion Julian Assange.

- Because only RADICAL TRANSPARENCY will help us democratise Europe and legitimise its institutions.

The stakes are high.

We’re going all-in to raise the stakes in our bid to confront the European status-quo.

For all of us.

And we’re counting on YOU.

Please donate now to make RADICAL TRANSPARENCY happen!

Er dette noget, dine venner vil støtte?

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