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New Thematic Collective formation request

Thank you for wanting to found a Thematic Collective of members! The primary aim and responsibility of a Thematic Collective is to bring members together to discuss policy ideas around certain topics. 

From these discussions, concrete policy proposals can then be communicated to our policy teams for further consideration! Important: DiEM25's policy process is organized in a bottom up process by Policy Task Forces and is not done by Thematic Collectives. 

To begin, please make sure you have reviewed our Activist Guidelines

You also need DiEM25 members to start a group. If you don't have people to start a Thematic Collective you can either find other members here by searching in members profiles or use our forum here.

Once you are ready (Activist Guidelines reviewed and members assembled), a new Thematic Collective can be requested with this form. A member of our team will then get in touch to discuss your proposal. Once approved, you and the team will be invited to an onboarding session for your new Thematic Collectives!


Objectives and motivation

Coordinators and members


Thank you for investing time in DiEM25. It is our collective efforts that will make the difference!

You can reach us via should you require help!

Carpe DiEM!