We’ll say it again: COP OFF!

We’ll say it again: COP OFF!

Climate change is real, it’s here, and it’s an emergency.

Last year we refused to remain silent while world leaders were huddled in Glasgow at the COP26 climate conference to come up with new excuses, symbolic targets and new ways to silence the progressive voices who opposed them.

Then, we brought you the Alternative Climate Conference COP OFF, where you could hear real critiques, real targets and real solutions. Prominent figures, such as Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Caroline Lucas, Sabrina Fernandes, Jason Hickel and many others, joined us to loudly say: We refuse to sit in the back while no one drives! 

And while we discussed solutions, politicians and oligarchs drank champagne behind closed doors.

Political leaders, blinded by capital and powerful private interests, have long decided Earth is a small price to pay for the yachts, mansions, private jets and record profits of the one percent. And so, on November 6 - 18, the Climate Conference charade will be repeated, this time in Egypt. They will all gather to propose yet another set of symbolic, albeit unattainable targets.

And once again, we refuse to stay silent. We will bring you another COP OFF: In a two-day online event, DiEM25 will gather progressives from around the world to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time, with ideas you won’t hear at COP27. Why? Because of the danger they pose to the elites' business-as-usual agenda: real change, real goals and real solutions.

However, for our Alternative Climate Conference to have impact and our proposals to be heard, we need your help. Please consider supporting us with a donation today. No matter how much you can give, every contribution will go a long way to help our volunteers organise and make COP OFF a success. 

We are going live on November 19 and 20.

So, save the date, contribute if you can and spread the word.

Please ask your friends to support us, too.

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We’ll say it again: COP OFF!

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