Mark Caracatsanoudis


Member of London Collective

The Ad Astra Party.
An Australia for Generations – To The Stars

The Ad Astra Party believes that Australia's best days are not behind us, but in the future we must build together.

We recognize that the challenges facing Australia are complex. Balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility. Ensuring affordable healthcare and quality education for our children. Planning for a future where technology will reshape our lives. These are not issues with simple answers.
The Ad Astra Party believes that the best solutions come from a blend of experience and forward-thinking vision. We value the wisdom and perspective you bring. We need your expertise in crafting policies that address today's problems while laying the groundwork for a prosperous tomorrow.

• A government that prioritizes fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, and a sustainable path to reducing national debt, safeguarding your economic security.

• Infrastructure investments that create well-paying jobs, improve quality of life, and prepare us for the technologies and industries of the future.

• Education and workplace policies that acknowledge skills developed over time, providing avenues for professional growth and adaptability in a changing economy.

• Healthcare systems that prioritize accessibility, affordability, and preventative care, promoting healthy and productive lives.

• An Australia respected globally for its stability and responsible leadership, a nation where your children can inherit even greater opportunities.

The Ad Astra Party believes in an Australia built on strong foundations, where hard work and commitment are rewarded. We envision a future shaped by collaboration across generations, where your experience guides our ambition.
We invite you, the established and experienced Australians, to join us. Together, let's reject short-term thinking and build a legacy of prosperity. Together, let's create an Australia where our achievements today ensure a brighter tomorrow for those who come after us.
To the stars!