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(Greece) The short-term government action plan of MeRA25





DiEM25 is transnational, that is why DiEM25 members in all countries can vote on our Greek party's proposed short-term program. MeRA25 has only a few MPs so far, but it's possible that it will be pressured to enter a coalition after the next election, so we must draw our lines now.


7+1 Policies as the foundation of a Popular Front – Preconditions for participating in any government coalition

  • MeRA25 is working towards a broad Popular Front that challenges the oligarchy’s hold over the people of Greece

  • MeRA25 is proposing 7+1 Policies (see below) that are prerequisites for genuine change, as opposed to a mere transition to another government that the oligarchy approves & tolerates

  • MeRA25 will NOT participate in any government coalition that has not formed prior to any general election on the basis of a common program that is negotiated in advance on the basis of our proposed 7+1 Policies

MeRA25’s 7+1 Policies

  1. ELECTRICITY BILLS: Immediate abolition of Daily Auction Markets and imposition of a maximum price per electricity power generation station at most 5% above its average cost. Longer term, de-commodification of electricity in the context of a paneuropean socialised green energy union (see AMV No. 1).

  2. INFLATION, VAT, BUSINESS TAXES: Indexing of minimum wages and social benefits, VAT reduction from 24% to 15%, a 10% tax rate for micro-businesses that rises to 20% for small businesses and 30% for large ones, debt haircuts for small & medium enterprises

  3. HOUSING: Abolition of the secondary market for non-performing loans containing main residences and small business buildings | Establishment of a Social Housing Commission  

  4. FOSSIL FUELS - RENEWABLES: Zero drilling for oil and gas | No new gas or oil pipelines | Let’s keep all fossil fuels deep inside the Earth | Massive Green Investment on roof-mounted solar, offshore wind and green hydrogen production and distribution.

  5. SOCIALISATION OF HEALTH-EDUCATION-MEDIA: Neither statism nor privatisation. The planning and management of public health, education and of the media to be supervised by councils comprising a majority of citizens selected by sortition and a minority of elected officials.

  6. RESTORATION OF DEMOCRATIC SOVEREIGNTY OVER THE GREEK STATE’S INSTITUTIONS & PROPERTY: After 13 years of troika neocolonialism, the time has come for the Greek state to reclaim crucial institutions that the troika took over: the tax office, the statistical office, all public property etc. Rather than handing over these institutions to the usual state bureaucracy, MeRA25 proposed that these reclaimed institutions be answerable to councils comprising a majority of citizens selected by sortition and a minority of elected officials  

  7. RECLAIMING DEMOCRATIC SOVEREIGNTY OVER LTRANSACTIONS & ENDING TO SMALL BUSINESS & FARMERS: Establishment of (a) a new Development & Agrictultural Bank and (b) the Fiscal Transactions System (DIMITRA) that would allow the Greek state extra fiscal space.


+1 Independent, Non-Aligned Foreign Policy

  • Calling for an International Regional Conference of all Eastern Mediterranean countries

  • Ending the use of US military bases on Greek sovereign territory for the purposes of pursuing wars & acts of aggressio

  • Ending the military and energy alliance of Greece with Israel, Egypt and Cyprus

  • International campaign for a New Non-Aligned Movement


Do you approve of this short-term government action plan for MeRA25 in Greece?

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