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Update on DiEM25's stance on Brexit – Vote 2

Option 1


Option 2


There are two different versions of the proposed Take a Break from Brexit call: 

- Option 1, proposed and defended by Andrea Pisauro on behalf of the "Take Back Control of your EU rights " thematic DSC which first proposed the Take a Break from Brexit campaign, justifies the one-year extension of Article 50 not just by calling for a general election, but on the grounds that it allows UK participation in the European Parliament elections of May 2019, participation to which this extension could open the doors. Read the call

- Option 2, proposed by Yanis Varoufakis on behalf of the CC, sees the inclusion of an extra call by our pan-European movement for UK participation in the EU elections as likely to exacerbate the division between UK Remainers and Leavers. Under this option DiEM25 would campaign for a one-year extension solely in order to enable an all-options-on-the-table general election to take place so that a new government, with a real mandate, can complete the UK-EU negotiations. Read the call

The CC is concerned that, after Leave won but before Brexit is settled, exhorting UK voters to participate in the EU elections will only have the same polarising effect as the People’s Vote to ‘Stop Brexit’ and the shift towards Remainers in the latest polling. To be consistent with our Norway plus criteria, the CC believes that leaving our policy as currently framed is preferable to Option 1.

The thematic DSC, Take back control of your EU rights, and a few members of the UK NC are concerned that omitting to mention the opportunity for UK participation in EU elections which could happen in case of extension, will backfire on our campaign, and that EU elections could provide another chance to democratically discuss what to make of Brexit, giving a voice to those EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU who will suffer from Brexit, but who have had no say.

Visit the Forum for an extended debate on the issues raised by this choice between the two Calls.

If you voted that DiEM25 should join the call to Take a Break from Brexit, do you support Option 1 or Option 2?

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