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First batch of Greek MEP candidates




Our movement's electoral wing in Greece, MeRA25, has assembled the first half of its candidates list for the European election. It is the result of an open call to all our members to submit their candidacy or propose a candidate for the upcoming elections. The list has been compiled by taking into consideration: 
  • gender parity: we will be the only party in Greece respecting a 50-50 gender quota
  • geographic representation: ensuring that candidates represent a variety of regions
  • social representation: securing candidates from all walks of life and with a rich personal and professional background
The electoral system of Greece is based on preferential voting, meaning that the placement of candidates on the list will be decided alphabetically. Please follow this link for an overview of candidates: THE LIST
MeRA25 is hoping to present these candidates at a public event on February 20th and to use the publicity of the event to gather more candidate nominations. 
Do you approve of this first batch?

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