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At the Prague Assembly, members discussed, amended and approved the following proposal (among others) to improve DiEM25’s work and its potential in the coming year. Please evaluate it carefully, especially the amendments compared to the pre-Prague version (highlighted in green), and decide whether this is something DiEM25 should invest its limited energy into.



Area: Growing our Support (expanding our membership and DSC numbers; expanding partnerships with other organisations and the media; better engaging with members)



Proposal for a viral/transnational video content format.

DiEMExplore is a proposal to set up a volunteer group of content producers who can make video clips or for a series of independent short documentaries independently produced by DiEM DSCs members.

GOAL: to explore, through short video documentary clips, current hot social and political topics at local and international level. Give a space to local activists and organizations to let them voice being heard, explain current topics through people directly involved, establish new international connections and compare differences and similarities among different parts of Europe that deal with the same issues.

With a special focus on austerity consequences in different parts of Europe and possible solutions through GND

In combination with DiEM25 Academy, create video toolkits to enable grassroots communities to initiate and co-create discussions around their own topics in order to facilitate self-empowerment and build local democracy.

RUNNING TIME: 12/15 minutes.

POTENTIAL SPIN OFF: if more DSCs from different european cities will take part in the project we could edit the different clips together and implement transnational thematic grassroot built documentaries about current EU “state of the nation(s)”.

CHANNELS FOR DISTRIBUTION: On Line Commercial Platforms, subject to decision on social network taken in line with the Technological Sovereignty pillar. (YouTube, Vimeo), DiEM Event, Film festivals. To avoid hosting our content on commercial servers we aim to adopt the POSSE principles (publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere) when implementing our content.

Examples of possible thematic episodes of Irish interest with potential for international connections

- Austerity - How it affects everyday life of Irish citizens (and same in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain ecc)

- Farmers and environmental transition (possible cooperation with Finland for past best practice transition from meat intensive farming to agriculture with good results in terms of national health and nutrition - to be explored)

- Housing crisis (connection with Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona ecc)

- Healthcare crisis/Women/migrant health in public healthcare (connections with italy, Uk and France)

- Direct provision and Asylum seekers process (possible connections and comparisons with many countries in Europe and the situation in Greece, Italy and Spain)

- Brexit impact (if this ever comes)

- Working conditions in Ireland and Irish Trade Unions.

Not specifically Irish, but still important:

- Unemployment and EU internal forced austerity migration from Southern/Eastern Europe ecc

How will this proposal help DiEM25 achieve its goals?

Benefits for DiEM at local level: interviews as a powerful tool for local DSCs to do networking with local activists and personalities and people directly affected by the different topics

Benefits for DiEM at international level: to strengthen self-organization and cooperation between different DiEM DSCs at international level. Networking at international level. Improve shared knowledge and awareness in DiEM community about that shared struggles that we face and the possible solutions for that.

Benefit for DiEM external communication: To improve in our audience the awareness that many issues that ordinary people experience at local level are actually transnational issues and they need transnational solutions.

How will your proposal be implemented (timeline and steps)?

A list of DiEM video makers and editors or possible video editorial groups will be collected through DiEM internal channels (forum, CC, NC, DSCs list ecc), in consultation with DiEM25 Comms. Establish a position on ethical film practices including issues of informed consent and co-creation, editorial consultation of story subjects and right of refusal, to guide best practices and eliminate the impulse of the saviour complex in the creation of the content.]

A transnational working group will be established in cooperation with those in charge of general DiEM25 Communication.

The group will coordinate the list of topics of transnational interest and help to coordinate the implementation of the project (establish common technical format, deadlines, ecc) in coordination with local editorial groups.

The group will suggest and implement measures to cover the Constitutional Assembly process.

DSCs will still have the option to work on specific DiEMEXPLORES episodes that are more of local interest.

The local editorial group can be different for every episode, according to the specific topic.

Once agreed the topic, the local editorial group will develop a script and a list of possible guests to interview, locations for shooting, organizations to get in touch with ecc. and a timeline established according with shared deadline agreed at international level.

Bigger projects could be proposed to the CC together with a preliminary budget.

To tap into Europe’s lively film funding structure (Creative Europe etc.) we establish contact to film students across Europe.

You will know your proposal has succeeded when:

When at least 10 DSCs at european level will have implemented a list of 5 local short documentaries on 5 shared topics and this content will contribute to a series of thematic Diem documentaries at international level.


Should DiEM25 invest energy and resources into this?

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