Analysis of the UK 'Labour Files'


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We invite you to a discussion on the disconcerting story of the labour party in Britain, as revealed by the major leaks of its internal documents in the new documentary 'The Labour Files' spanning several episodes by Aljazeera. The documentary presents a damning story covering the depth of abuse of power committed by the hierarchical bureaucracy of the Labour party, from open racism and sexism to spying on its members and outrightly expelling members who were uncompromisingly invested in economic and social justice, but some local and foreign powerful interests knew how to meddle in and exploit that oppressive structure to most harrowing levels.

Labour is a reality that represents a cornerstone in progressive thought, as it stands to be the lifeline of every society and the backbone of it's very flourishing, only to find its class exploited for profit of the few who know best how to grow at its expense, and to have it's name dragged in the mud by the hierarchy of the very organizations that swore to protect it.

Let's reflect about all of these issues together in our upcoming event on Thursday 6th of October 9pm CET where we'll be discussing the content presented in the documentary as the center theme of our conversation. 

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06/10/2022 @ 15:00 EST
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