Clare Daly and Yanis Varoufakis - Abyss: Is Europe going from crisis to catastrophe?

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Join us for an insightful evening with Yanis Varoufakis and Clare Daly as we delve into the pressing question: Is Europe hurtling towards catastrophe? 

From financial turmoil to the COVID-19 pandemic, Europe has weathered a barrage of crises in recent years. Now, as the continent faces mounting challenges, including climate change and economic decline, it's imperative to ask the tough questions and seek viable solutions.

Renowned political figures Clare Daly, Bernadette McAliskey, and Yanis Varoufakis, co-founder of DiEM25, will lead an engaging discussion on April 29 at the Button Factory at 7:30PM. Together, they will explore the trajectory of Europe amidst escalating crises and offer insights into potential paths forward.

We, members of DiEM25 in Ireland, will be attending this important gathering from 7PM. You are more than welcome to join us there to connect and say hello. 

For more information about the encounter with our membership, joining our regular meetings or the event itself please contact us through .


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29/04/2024 @ 14:00 EST
The Button Factory, Dublin @ Dublin, Irlanda
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Público, até 150 participantes
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The Button Factory, Dublin