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Dutch Coordination Team

We are the coordination team of DiEM25 in the Netherlands.

Do you want to get involved? Send a message via the forum or use the button below to e-mail us!

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Friso van der Vijgh
Roald Neuteboom
Lucille Cornelius
Sam de Goeij
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Mikko Karjalainen
redes sociais
Steef den Uijl
coordenação de voluntários
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Grupos Locais em Ação

DiEM25 joins Free Assange Committee Belgium to protest for Julian’s freedom

Brussels played host to Assange's 51st birthday ‘celebrations’ which were used as an opportunity to call for his release

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DiEM25 local groups took to the streets on July 3 to demand Assange’s freedom

On July 3 DiEMers ffrom all over Europe celebrated Julian Assange's 50th birthday with a coordinated protest action.

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DiEM25 takes to the streets on Julian Assange’s 50th birthday 

To mark the 50th anniversary of Assange, DiEM25 members will take to the streets in front of UK and U.S embassies in several European cities.

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Europe is facing a housing crisis: DiEMers stand up for those left behind

On Housing Action Day, DiEM25 members mobilised in cities such as The Hague, Brussels, Lisbon, Lyon and more to shed light on the housing crisis!

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