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2024 European Elections - Electoral Approach for MERA25 Greece





As called forth by our Member approved pan-European strategy, MERA25 Greece has succeeded in uniting a broad front of progressives, independents and radicals from all walks of life to give a voice to social struggles at the European parliament. 

This unifying initiative emerged through intensive consultations with movements, political organisations and people who responded to our open call. The result: MERA25 | Subversive Ecological Left, a set of political priorities - in English and in Greek, complete with a joint list of candidates to contest the upcoming European elections. Note: Greece has a preferential voting system and lists are published in alphabetical order.

All participants have agreed to cooperate on the basis of non-hegemony, open and participatory processes. Parliamentarians elected from the list will stay in office for 20 months, with the next person - per votes cast - rotating in their place.

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