Boost our movement’s online presence!

Boost our movement’s online presence!

Our website is more than a place on the Internet, it’s our movement´s digital hub, a vital area for members to coordinate their activities.

And for a few days now, you’ll find our website has been supercharged. As well as a complete revamp of the design, there are now sections for volunteer recruitment and a financial transparency portal!

But we are just getting started and we have very ambitious plans to turn our website into the online tool our movement truly deserves.

However, we can’t do this ourselves, we need support and experts we currently don’t have in-house.

DiEM25 does not receive subsidies or donations from rich people, businesses or governments. If we want our site to be a powerful hub for the movement, we must fund this ourselves. That’s why I’m asking you for 5 or 10 euros per month - if you can spare those, you’ll be contributing to the cost of hiring the expertise we need.

Can you help?

Please ask your friends to support us, too.

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Boost our movement’s online presence!

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