The Organisation - DiEM25

The Organisation

DiEM25 is a transnational movement with a simple yet radical goal: to democratise Europe!

The basis of DiEM25 is the manifesto, the Organising Principles and the Progressive Agenda (policies on a variety of topics).

The Organising Principles specify how to make any addition or modification to these – it always involves an all-member vote, cannot be unilaterally decided by any organ.

All bodies exist only to promote DiEM25 and to spread the policy agenda thus decided. Their role and action radius can be gleaned from the following grid:

  Strategy & Implementation Production of Materials Discussing policy & Educating
International The Coordinating Collective and its ex officios are responsible for DiEM25's international strategy and its implementation, relations with other political players, big assembly and academy events and so on. DiEM25 Task Forces create translations, graphics, videos and more. Some task forces have pages where you can learn more: Anyone can start a Thematic Collective in which to discuss policy with 5-15 fellow members. Currently active thematic DSCs:
National National task forces: National thematic DSCs:

    DSCs (DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives) are our 95 local activist groups organising DiEM25 campaigns, actions and events in their city. The ideal group has 5-7 core members; beyond that splitting into several groups (by interest or by borough) is encouraged. Click to see our groups by country:

    Local task forces:
      Local thematic DSCs:

        Other bodies:

        • The Validating Council is tasked with interpreting the Organising Principles, disciplinary matters and similar issues.
        • The Advisory Panel consists of well-known people who help us through their knowledge and visibility.

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