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(Greece) Legalising marijuana, provision of heroin





CANNABIS-DRUGS: Legalising marijuana and the provision of heroin to addicts in a clean, safe environment provided by the National Health Service

To end the scourge of drugs that takes lives, pushes young children to robbing their parents, friends and neighbours, empowering various mafias and gangs, MeRA25 will legalise marijuana and create many small National Health Service units that will anonymously provide heroin to anyone who asks for it, in a safe and hygienic environment, while at the same time strengthening rehabilitation centres for those who want to use them. In this way, drug dealers go bankrupt, meaningless deaths cease, and the addicts’ motive to abuse themselves, their relatives, friends and neighbours disappears

Recommendation of MeRA25 Secretariat and DiEM25 Greece National Collective: YES

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