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Greek Electoral Wing for DiEM25





After receiving the Greek National Collective's proposal regarding DiEM25's electoral wing, the Coordinating Collective is proposing the following name and outline/press release:

ΜέΡΑ25 (MeRA25)*



Ευρωπαϊκός Διεθνισμός - Οικονομικός Ορθολογισμός - Κοινωνική Απελευθέρωση

(*) Mera (Μέρα) in Greek means day, i.e. diem in Latin.

(**) MeRA is also an acronym: European Realist Disobedience Front

Comments: Ideally, the name would be European Constructive Disobedience Front, to reflect DiEM25’s main strategy of constructive disobedience. However, to yield MeRA as an acronym (to signify day/diem/light), we felt it was appropriate to replace ‘constructive’ with ‘realist’. Why not with ‘radical’? Two reasons: First, the word ‘radical’ has been diminished in Greece by Syriza (the Coalition of the Radical Left) and, secondly, it would not sufficiently distinguish us from a Lexit-leaning political party. ‘Realist disobedience’, on the other hand, is closer in spirit to DiEM25 and also works well as part of the MeRA acronym.

Draft Press Release to the Greek & non-Greek media

On 26th March, the Disobedient of DiEM25 (Nb. It is proposed that disobedience plays a major role in the new party’s identity formation: its members will refer to themselves as ‘The Disobedient’ and our local organisations as ‘Disobedience Collectives’) will gather in Athens to inagurate our new party: MeRA25.

We are forming the European Realist Disobedience Front because we refuse to succumb to the instructions of the troika and the oligarchy, because we reject the propaganda that “in this Europe there is no alternative”, and because we judge that obedience leads (with mathematical precision) to Greece’s desertification and Europe’s deconstruction.

Today, eight years after the transformation of Greece into a debt colony, and of its people into debt-slaves, constructive & responsible disobedience is the only responsible way to end Greece’s deflation and Europe’s deconstruction – the only way we can respect rationality, authentic patriotism, radical Europeanism and, of course, the trampled upon Constitution of the Hellenic Republic.

DiEM25 succeeded, over the past two years, to preserve the spirit of the Greek Spring of 2015 across Europe. Now that DiEM25 is preparing to present its program to Europeans across Europe, we believe the time has come to found the Greek DiEM25 affiliate that will return the spirit of the Greek Spring to the country that gave birth to it.

So, on 26th March, the Disobedient of MeRA will celebrate in Athens the foundation of the Front that expresses:

  • European Internationalism (we are not just going to remain in Europe – we ARE Europe’s democratic future)

  • Economic Rationality (which the troika and the national oligarchies of Europe have been denigrating for years)

  • Social Emancipation (from Demeritocracy, from Indignity, from Fear, from ruthless Class War & Austerity, from Nationalism and from the Oligarchy)

On 26th March, we shall be in Athens to constitute ourselves as a political party that participates in European, national and local elections – but also as an indivisiable part of the transnational, radical europeanist movement DiEM25.

Do you agree that DiEM25's electoral wing in Greece shall have this name and outline?

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