We condemn Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and Call for Civil Society to organise for Peace!

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We condemn Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and Call for Civil Society to organise for Peace!
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>> We condemn Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and Call for Civil Society to organise for Peace!

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We strongly condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and continue to call for an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of troops back to the Russian Federation and solidarity for the defenders of Ukraine’s sovereignty. This brutal war is only benefiting the warmongers and those in favour of militarised security - witness the sudden uptick in support for NATO in Finland and a significant increase in the military budget of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

We are already at war, however - even if we live in ‘peace. A continuous war waged on the public. On the 99%. On ordinary people who are now hitherto cannon fodder for the powers that be. And it's not just humanity but life itself - the planet reduced to a mere resource to build empires of fantasy. Inequality and climate change continue to wreak havoc amongst the population - but the 1% “that's making war” are winning. 

While floods, snow and fire mix at the same time, champagne continues to flow as orders for weapons roar in. This two trillion US dollar industry is not satisfied with its earnings before death and taxes - it has “interlocking directorates with big media companies” that further drive an agenda of warmongering. 

Wars are thus manufactured - “born out of the collapse of civil societies, perpetuated by fear, greed and paranoia, and they are run by gangsters, who rise up from the bottom of their own societies and terrorize all, including those they purport to protect”. 

A reformist approach is no longer feasible - and as it has always been - the people themselves must rally and take up the call to end advocating for war!

We, therefore, demand that:

  • Progressive movements must factor in the military-industrial complex on the issues they are fighting for - and mobilise their members to actively engage against militarisation

  • Civil society must proactively organise towards peace through, amongst others:

    • Campaigning for closure of overseas military bases and expulsion of foreign troops from all nations - return to your loved ones!

    • Agitating for divestment of public and private funds in the arms industry - no profits from blood! 

    • Striking at arm manufacturing companies, logistics providers, shipping companies and so forth - ¡No pasarán!

    • Making the arms industry, its lobbyists and supporters visible to the public - no more hiding in the shadows!

    • Calling for an end to participation in military alliances across the globe - these supra-national organisations are not subject to democratic control and only benefit warmongers. No security through NATO/CSTO/CSDP!

    • Insist on the elimination of weapons of mass destruction! 

    • Make progress on peace-centric alternatives to conflict and insist on managing conflicts without violence and create a culture of peace. Common security without bloodshed! 

    • Maximise the call to end hate speech in any and all forms as well as forms of collective punishment - including broad sanctions - that hurt the public.

  • Our elected representatives must consciously consider loyalty to humanity and begin to, amongst other measures:

    • Centre non-violence as part of public policy and introduce legislation to reverse military spending - while shifting public resources to sectors that we actually need to achieve - for example - free public transport, free and universal healthcare, localised generation of renewable energy

    • Urge signing and ratification of all instruments of international law that promote universal rights and further demilitarisation and elimination of weapons of mass destruction

    • End policy on broad sanctions that - as history has shown - devastates the public and violates their human rights. The people should not be punished for the acts of their so-called leaders! 

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