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Anchoring CC candidates in the movement (Amendment to the OPs)





The Organising Principles, specifically section 1, specify that Coordinating Collective (CC) candidates need not be nominated by anyone. This has led to an overwhelming number of candidacies in some cases and last year the VC conducted candidate interviews in order to weed out those candidates who were not fluent in English (the language of the CC teleconferences) or who had applied without knowing basic facts about DiEM25. As these interviews were seen critically by some, we would like to switch to having CC candidates supply 20 supporting signatures from the movement instead. This way, the vetting of candidates prior to the vote would become the task of the entire movement rather than the VC alone.

However, this requires a change to the Organising Principles, section 1.

Current version: “There is no requirement to be nominated by a minimum number of members and all candidates will be given equal space on DiEM25.org to present their candidature.”

Proposed change: “CC candidates can self-nominate and must then find 20 supporting signatures from DiEM25 members before the start of the vote. All candidates will be given equal space on DiEM25.org to present their candidature.”

Implementation details: signatures will be collected on the candidates’ page in the DiEM25 Members Area. Members will be asked “Have you seen this member’s work and do you believe that they are suited to the tasks of the CC?”.

Do you agree to this amendmento the Organising Principles?

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