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Should this be DiEM25’s stance regarding the UK General Election 2019?





Please review the following proposal and choose whether you agree or disagree at the bottom.


The only way of getting a hard Brexit off the table is to vote for a Labour government

A Tory hard Brexit, contrary to the propaganda, will not “get Brexit done”. It means abandoning regulatory standards, jeopardising our future prosperity, a nosedive to the bottom on workers and environmental rights, inaugurating a new era of war-mongering, and an end to democracy and civility in the UK as we know them. Its negative impact will go on for years to come, paving the way to a No Deal which is the same as a Trump Deal. Yet as of now, Johnson, Farage and Trump work together far better than the media portray, aided by the Lib Dem revocation call, with its contempt for democracy. Only Labour can offer a way out of the Tory Brexit dystopia – a sensible option for a democratic Britain.

This is our bottom line on the General Election and goes well beyond Brexit. Climate change, a Green New Deal for Europe, an end to austerity, let alone the systemic crises in Europe and the world, are crucial issues of our time. This is why this is a once in a lifetime election. We are fighting for that better future for the UK and the EU as a whole. A Corbyn-led Labour Government can overcome the toxic polarisation of Brexit and ensure that future. This means that in this election, DiEM25 members will support Labour either directly, or indirectly, by favouring the progressive candidate most likely to defeat Tory/Brexit disaster.

Finally, we call for the inclusion in these and future elections of three constituencies excluded from the European referendum for whom the outcome was life-changing: EU residents in the UK, UK residents in the EU and 16-18 year old British citizens. We in DiEM25, the movement for democratising Europe, believe that the party that offers the British people an opportunity to put together a working democracy will be the party that can lead the way, in the UK and the EU, over the next twenty years.

UK 2019 General Election Resolution

DiEM25 members, after careful deliberation, have concluded that in the run up to the 12th December 2019 general election in the UK:

(i) A Labour-led government and a defeat of the Tories is the only way of taking Hard Brexit 'off the table' 

(ii) A Labour-led government and a defeat of the Tories is the only way to end austerity and implement the Green New Deal in the UK

In view of the above, DiEM25 members resolved that:

Those members, who wish to campaign as DiEMers in this election, will do so in favour of the Labour party or, in constituencies where the Greens or the SNP or Plaid Cymru have greater chances of defeating the Tories, to campaign also for those parties.

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