Consejo de Validación

Algunas decisiones trascienden el papel coordinador del CC. Como estas decisiones a menudo deberán validarse con rapidez, no será posible movilizar a todos los miembros de DiEM25 para que voten en un corto plazo. Es por ello que se establece un Consejo de Validación, compuesto por 100 miembros de DiEM25 seleccionados por sorteo de entre un grupo de candidatos autonominados. Para saber más sobre el Consejo de Validación (CV) de DiEM25, por favor, consulta los Principios Organizativos del movimiento.

Las siguientes personas conforman nuestro actual Consejo de Validación:

Yunus Arikan Germany I am an expert on climate policies and global governance of sustainability.
Concha Artola Spain A senior Economist with proved internacional background
Ruth Aylett United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Long-time Labour Party member fighting for socialism, now also Momentum, computing academic and researcher Edinburgh, Scotland
Chris Baldwin Spain Curator for Interdisciplinary Performance for Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture 2016; responsible for the implementation of a "citizen culture" where we aim to rehearse democracy and social collaboration .
Nuno Barroso Portugal Tax Inspector at Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority; President of APIT - Portuguese Trade Union for Tax and Customs Inspectores; Master Degree in European Policies and Territorial Cooperation (Univ. Minho - Portugal, and Univ. Vigo - Espanha)
Amedeo Beck Peccoz Spain Over the past two decades Amedeo focus has been on health, nutrition and quality of life, rejecting the estiblshed industry-dependent health systems in place today and promoting alternative, economic self-healing techniques.
Pedro Bento Portugal Sociology student. Left Bloc member.
Theodor Biros Greece Professor of Physics, Director of ahigh school in Greece
Ali Boulmpoul Greece I have signed DiEM25 manifest in the early days of the movement after the failure of Syriza against austerity DiEM25 movement is my only hope for more democratic Europe.
Stanka Brljevic Croatia Visual media artist, graphic designer. Interested in Sociology of Culture. Social change activist.
Nathalie Bron Switzerland A promoter of DiEM25 even before it was born last February. Interested in what is common to all of us humans and not in our differences. A citizen of planet Earth (tagged Swiss). This world needs DiEM25. Together we always do better.
Nichol Brummer Netherlands Nichol Brummer, fysicist, @twundit, @olivineCo2, interested in climate, activism
Juan Cabrera Padilla Spain Periodista, Máster en Marketing y en Comunidades Europeas.
Lorraine Cowan United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Scottish pro-independence, pro-EU (no they're not contradictory), tenacious and menopausal.
Gabriela Cretu Romania Leftist. Feminist. Politician. Human being.
Esmeralda Cullhaj Italy Esmeralda Cullhaj
Gabriela Czowalla Germany Seit Anfang an habe ich mich für DIEM25 als Mitgllied engagiert. Nach dem Studium VWL/Informatik arbeite ich jetzt als IT-Consultant. Ich bin 66 Jahre alt und möchte meinen beiden Enkeln ein friedvolles, demokratisches Europa hinterlassen.
David Del Río Spain Basque. Law&Economics graduate, music lover and currently working in Africa
Carlos De Pablo González Spain Ingeniero de Telecomunicaciones, 49 años. Nací y vivo en Barcelona, identificado con la agenda de DiEM25. No pertenezco a ningún partido político
Nick Deschacht Belgium economist (Belgium)
Maria Anna Dewes Germany Hi everybody, may name is Maria Anna and I am artist (Fine Arts) and live in Düsseldorf. Grown up in Düsseldorf and Sweden, I feel more european than german. Looking forward to work with lots of people from different european countries!
Francesco Discanno Italy I am an Italian economist, working as a corporate teacher and as an examiner for the University of Cambridge and other bodies. I have been interested in the activity of prof Varoufakis and I am interested in the programs of Diem 25.
Maria D'Onofrio European, atheist , Cooperative , loyal. I do not like the world I live in and, in my own right, I want to do my part to get it better.
Anthony Endres United States of America I am Black, Green and Diverse as Democracy and this Earth of us undeniably is. I am a business man who think as a Green collective I am social-Democrat, and I am an unique multicultural German. I am a world Traveller in arch conservative USA
Vasco Esteves Germany Ich bin 69 Jahre alt, in Portugal geboren. Ich war ein Asylant: 1969 kam ich aus politischen Gründen nachh Deutschland. Ich habe auch die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit. 30 Jahre lang war ich IT-Spezilaist, seit 10 Jahre bin ich Schauspieler.
Sandra Freudenberg Germany Hi there!
Maximilian Freudenthaler Austria I am a 25-year old political science graduate. I grew up in Austria, but over the last 6 years I have studied and worked in 6 different European countries. I am truly convinced that the European idea is still alive and deserves a 'better' EU.
Yolanda García Spain Nací y vivo en España. Tengo la licenciatura de Psicología y trabajo como funcionaria del Estado. Independientemente de que consigamos o no nuestro objetivo de hacer más "humana", democrática Europa, tenemos el deber moral de intentarlo.
Fernando Garcia de Rivas United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Grassroots democracy across Europe needs to guide urgent EU tranformation. Engaging the peoples of Europe in a Pan-European political movement for a better Europe for all
Regina Gruber Austria Ich glaube an Selbstwirksamkeit und Mitbestimmung auf Basis politischer Bildung und kämpfe für eine bahn-brechende Bewegung zu einem gemeinsamen und vielfältigen Europa
Jordi S. Guzmán i Conesa Spain Mis principales intereses, que siempre he intentado cultivar participando en distintas entidades e iniciativas, son la equidad, la participación, la educación y el medio ambiente.
Steen Hartmann Denmark I have been a member of DiEM25 from the start and have been working on promoting DiEM25 in Denmark, translating texts into danish and so on.
Andrea Hirschmann Germany Born 1964 in Germany, employed, eager to work for a life in dignity and a future for those who will come after me. Let's be friendly to each others!
Corinne Iehl France Bonjour, je suis actuellement élue écologiste à la métropole de Lyon, sociologue et anciennement journaliste, depuis de longues années impliquée et intéressée par les questions europénnes.
Ziggy Iglewski United States of America
Rita Isabel Isidro Portugal With faith in Europe, in the world, in the neighborhood
Raphaële Javary France French, 26, living in Paris. Masters degrees in political philosophy and publishing. Project coordinator at Institut de Recherche et d'Innovation, Centre Pompidou. Volunteers' coordinator for Diem France.
van hove jo Belgium jo van hove - nick name 'sciurus' - father of 3 adolscents - idea coach, entrepreneur, disruptive thinker
Joana Job Portugal With a degree in Language and Literature as well as post graduation studies in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication, Joana is an established English teacher, translator and seeks audiovisual projects in her spare time. She has been part of DiEM25
Bernadette Johnston Ireland Irish pro-human rights woman from Dublin.
Teodor Kalpakchiev Poland Teodor Kalpakchiev is a graduate of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy and the College of Europe. He is a federalist-technocrat interested in regional and environmental governance and held various trainee and research positions.
Giannis Kalpouzos Greece ΥπαλληλοςΔΕΔΔΗΕ.Γενικος Γραμματεας Πανελλαδικου Συλλογου Καταμετρητων Κλαδου Ηλεκτρικης Ενεργειας.Επιχειρηματιας
Surmann Klemens Germany Ich bin Klemens aus Köln, arbeite als Journalist und in der Pressestelle eines Unternehmens. Ich bin überzeugter Europäer und möchte dieses Europa als Garant des Friedens wieder in die Köpfe der Menschen bringen.
Nikos Koumpetsos United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ariane Kovacevic Belgium Only child of only chlidren, so probably mean-tempered and stubborn. ^_- I've wanted to change the world since I was a teen. As I'm no hero of mythology, I'm content with bringing my drop (or two) to the ocean.
Olga Kulibaeva United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland I am here to help and totaly yours
Francois-Jerome LALLEMAND Germany I am a politically active member of the french community in Germany - 38yo, Architect, married to a german woman, two kids - Eco-Socialist & European
Claudio Lanza Italy Young professional, member of the Erasmus generation, my desire is a more democratic, integrated, supportive, and effective Europe. My goal is to save the European Union from itself.
Giovanni Leone Italy Geologo e vulcanologo planetario, scopritore di 16 nuovi vulcani su Marte dall'anno 2013, ha un progetto per portare piú trasparenza in una comunitá scientifica dove ormai la politica e non i dati decidono la scienza.
Cédric Libert Belgium 34 ans. J'ai étudié la physique, le droit et la comptabilité publique. Je travaille pour le secteur public. Pour ma part, la démocratie réclame une parfaite information des citoyens et donc la transparence en plus de la liberté et de l'égalité.
Gervasio López Trincado Spain Economista y ciudadano. Europeísta convencido buscando que las instituciones vuelvan a trabajar para el pueblo.
Adina Mahic Bosnia and Herzegovina Professional of 20 years with experience in management, marketing, communications, liaison/networking in private, public & civil sectors; experienced in international development projects; interested in int'l relations.
Tomas Mancin Italy Architect, facilitator and collaborative economy researcher/evangelist
Le Bruyn Marc Belgium Professional: committee clerk budget and finance committee Flemish Parliament. Member Flemish socialist party (SP). Master in History.
Aniello Margiotta Italy I'm an italian chemical engineer and teacher in secondary school, I'm 61 years old and I lives in Naples. Member of italian left parties, PCI, PSI, RC . I stopped political activities 20 years ago but now interesting to help european progressists
dante mariani credo in una democrazia dove tuttii si possano sentire parte attiva del proprio futuro.
GabrielJaime MarinVelasquez Colombia Médico. Anestesólogo cardiovascular con especializaciones clínicas en ecocardiografía intraoperatoria y doppler transcraneal. MBA en finanzas y dirección general. 25 años de experiencia
Xaime Martínez Spain Desde DiEM25 quiero hacer de Europa un lugar mejor para vivir. Gracias por tu voto. Un saudo dende Galicia.
Cesáreo Martín Ortega Spain Strategic Communication: Business, Política, Crisis, Reputation ¡Trabajo en equipo! ¡I never give up! Me encanta mi trabajo. I'm happy
Roberto Mattiussi Italy Militant for our utopia
Noemi Mensua Calzado Spain Activista de "sofá" por falta de tiempo. Creo en una Europa inclusiva, abierta y democrática en la que quepamos todas
Alfonso Muñoz Mendoza Spain Soy militante socialista, ahora sin afiliación a ningún partido excepto Diem25, dada la situación de desconcierto que atraviesa España. Soy Ingeniero de Caminos, Master en Urbanismo y con Doctorado en Ciencias Políticas.
Alberto Nieto Netherlands I am an expat from Barcelona living in Amsterdam, where I work as a web developer. I have an academic background in Philosophy and Computer Sciences, and I am currently studying a MSc in Politics and Democracy.
Andreina Noli Italy I split my life between Milan and Berlin and have a son who is studying in London. Because of that I really want a more strong but democratic EU
Denise Parizek Austria Curator and gallerist, selfimployed, fed up with our political situation, engaged in cultural movements like #istnoetig, trying to establish a fair and transparent art market and to fight against precarious life situations of most of the artists
Alicia Pastor Belgium Bonjour, je suis belgo-espagnole, féminisite, je veux participer à l'émancipation des peuples européens par la défense de nos droits politiques, sociaux et environnementaux.
David Peter Germany My name is David, originally from Munich. I believe DiEM25 is a great opportunity to discuss and solve a couple of problems within the EU.
Andre Philippe France 56 years old, I work in software industry. Apart from my professionnal activities, I believe that art is a strong way and leaver to share and develop common vision thru music, painting, theater, movies, etc... among european people
Giulia Priora Hungary Dottoranda in diritto commerciale internazionale, membro e traduttrice dagli albori di DiEM25, membro di European Alternatives e Commonswatch
Delfí Roca Andorra Andorran, 56 years old. Political activist, social and environmental. Progressive militant. Communicator. Columnist. Quadrilingual. I have experience in being part of international virtual working groups. @delfiroca
Rafael Romero Blanco Spain Naci en Melilla 1944, pase por los jesuitas de Malaga, ET superior Ing Ind Madrid y Citesa Malaga, desde Podemos contra la mentira y la corrupcion. Activista moneda socialy defensor de la resiliencia local y de la soberania alimentaria y energetica
Jude Rowley United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland As a young socialist, I think it is vital that the interests and concerns of my fellow young DiEM supporters are voiced and internally represented, in the interest of upholding democracy in Europe and strengthening it for future generations.
Sandra Rudman Germany I am a PhD Candidate in Literature and Cultural Studies, with an interest in transcending borders between theory and practice,
Daniel Ruiz Martinez Spain Hombre. 36 años, casado con una hija. Asesor financiero en Barcelona.
Matthew Ryan Ireland i live in ireland. i am married with 6 children and long to see a more democratic europe for me and especially my children
Mario Sabatino Italy I'm an Italian lawyer. Member of the Italian Association of Democratic Lawyers.
Robin Scheben Germany Hi, I´m Robin from Cologne Germany. I´m 25 years old with a Bachelor degree in information economics. I´ve worked with several initiatives, parties and collectievs in the past, but they never had a political vision so they werent succesfull at all.
Volker Schiffer Germany I believe in europe. A Europe without hegemonic structures and the paternalization of other countries. I believe in a Europe of equality and freedom.
Frank Schmidtsdorff Germany Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Schwerpunkt strategisches Management, Erfahrung aus Buchhandel und Sozialwirtschaft (NPO); politsche Erfahrung aus Sozialdemokratie und Grünen auf Landes- und Bundesebene. 1 Kind, leben in Hamburg (DE) und Peyia (CYP).
Juliane Schreiber Germany Hello, I'm Juliane from Berlin - as a gradstudent in politics and international relations, online-editor for the political show " Jung & Naiv" I strongly believe in the spirit of Diem25 as a transparent, progressive and international movement.
Mats Sederholm Sweden Mats Sederholm is a writer, speaker and chronicler. He is a system critics who, for the past 20 years, have been analyzing the power structures and standards of the West - his driving force a strong belief in humanity and in a kinder society.
Ricardo Senovilla Rodriguez Spain Miembro de Attac y de la Asamblea Ciudadana de Valladolid, estudiante de energías renovables y siempre abierto a nuevas aportaciones. Me defino como ecologistas, amante de los animales y vegetariano.
Guilherme Serodio Belgium European living in Brussels, Project Manager turned entrepreneur. Focus on transparency and technology, horizontal organizations and alternative democratic practices.
Miran Andre Sestan Bosnia and Herzegovina Born in Mannheim (Germany). Currently living in Sarajevo (B&H) where I am finishing my law studies.
João Soeiro Portugal I am Portuguese, 69 years old, retired Captain of the Portuguese Navy. To fight dictatorship I organized with other fellow military the movement that lead to the Revolution of 1974 in Portugal. I don't want to lose democracy again !
Misko Stanisic Netherlands NGO activist, educator, musician, former refugee, cosmopolite
Marina Tassara Italy Laureata in Filosofia impiegata
Neus Torne Sabate Spain Soy una persona que lucha en Barcelona en Comu , que no le gustan las desigualdades y quiere una Europa justa para todas, donde se pueda vivir, sin que los grandes lobis dominen y haya transparencia .
Mahi Traka Greece μελος diem25
Thomas Tzathas Greece Born in Athens in 1965, Thomas Tzathas is an artisan working in construction. A high school graduate from Vancouver B.C. Canada living permanently in Greece since 1998. A father of three children and a firm believer in the democratic process.
Karl Uyttenhove Belgium Christian-democratic Europeanpsychoanalyst wanting to save democracy from being downplayed through compartmentalise it into small entities that have to compete which each other to be as week as possible in order to please and attract global capital.
Gregor Vesel Slovenia Film&commercial director. Partner at Kinomotel. Slovenia.
Wouter Vlaminckx Belgium I work for the Belgian Immigration Office, single parent with 3 kids, even before the creation of Diem25 already an active advocate of real democracy as opposed to profit as a guiding principle.
Kurt Wissendorf-Moeller Denmark I'm of Danish origin and political organized in a party that supports DIEM25. I see DIEM25 as a necessary organization as a place from where the future can be shaped with the help of ordinary people. Therefore I wish to give a hand .
Iva Zarev Germany I would apply for EU nationality if this one existed. I would like to see united Europe, where one European has the same importance as another. I am half Romanian, half Bulgarian, speak seven languages and am passionate about the future of EU.
Teodorico Zurlo Italy nato nel 1956 sono dipendente pubblico del Comune di Roma, come trombonista della Banda musicale della Polizia Locale
Στρατής Αθανασέλης Greece Ορθοπαιδικός Χειρουργός, πατέρας, σύζυγος, έντονα πολιτικοποιημένος και πολύ ανήσυχος για το παρόν και το μέλλον

La siguiente selección del CV tendrá lugar en 22 de mayo de 2017.