Validerende Raad

Sommige besluiten gaan de coördinerende rol van CC's te boven. Omdat deze besluiten vaak snel moeten worden gevalideerd is het niet mogelijk alle DiEM25-leden binnen een kort tijdsbestek voor het stemmen te mobiliseren . Daarom wordt een Validerende Raad ingesteld, bestaande uit 100 DiEM25 leden. De leden van deze raad worden door middel van loting uit een groep van zelf aangegeven kandidaten geselecteerd. Als je meer wilt weten over DiEM25's Validerende Raad (VC), raadpleeg dan DiEM25's Organising Principles.

De volgende personen hebben zitting in onze huidige Validerende Raad:

Kurt Michael Arruda Spanje I´m an organic farmer that followed the movement since the beginning and actively on the forums
Ruth Aylett Verenigd Koninkrijk Long-time Labour Party member fighting for socialism, now also Momentum, computing academic and researcher Edinburgh, Scotland
Melanie Bacou Verenigde Staten I'm an economist and geographer with over 20 years experience in agricultural, food and aid policies and analyses. French national I currently reside in the U.S. but keep a close eye on all matters of European policies and institutions.
Paolo Bartucciotto Italië Hi, I dream a truly united Europe because I feel that I'm part of this incredible Melting Pot full of history that is EUROPE. I'm convinced that the only way to survive in this modern complex scenario is to unite the forces of this continent.
Amedeo Beck Peccoz Spanje Over the past two decades Amedeo focus has been on health, nutrition and quality of life, rejecting the estiblshed industry-dependent health systems in place today and promoting alternative, economic self-healing techniques.
Cristiano Bencini Italië Giornalista professionista responsabile marketing e strategia azienda francese per il south east Europe
Craig Berry Verenigd Koninkrijk I seek to help build up a Europe for the people, so that as my country decides to leave the EU, we can build an EU that they will want to return to. Not a neoliberal Europe, not a nationalist Europe, but a progressive Europe.
adreas borotis Griekenland i agree, with what is stated in the text Diem25..
Ana Maria Branco Aleixo Portugal I am a retired Medicine Professor but still working as a medical doctor. I do no want to see Europe ruled by no democratic values and I want to participate in this importante issue .
Stanka Brljevic Kroatië Visual media artist. Interested in Sociology of Culture. Social change activist.
Nathalie Bron Zwitserland A promoter of DiEM25 even before it was born last February. Interested in what is common to all of us humans and not in our differences. A citizen of planet Earth (tagged Swiss). This world needs DiEM25. Together we always do better.
Ricardo Castanha Nederland My foremost concerns are: the lack of dialog in politics and the dictatorship of the majority; the shortsightedness in preparing for challenges such as effect of climate change or the next banking crisis
Didier Collin België Pour la première fois, je sens l'utilité de m'engager dans une action politique, les circonstances l'exigeant. DIEM25 me semble être l'unique structure politique permettant de réfléchir et mettre en place les transformations nécessaires à l'UE.
Esmeralda Cullhaj Italië Esmeralda Cullhaj
Gabriela Czowalla Duitsland Seit Anfang an habe ich mich für DIEM25 als Mitgllied engagiert. Nach dem Studium VWL/Informatik arbeite ich jetzt als IT-Consultant. Ich bin 66 Jahre alt und möchte meinen beiden Enkeln ein friedvolles, demokratisches Europa hinterlassen.
Andrea D'Acunzo Verenigd Koninkrijk Italian student living in the UK, long-time activist and advocating no-nonsense politics.
Gareth Davies Verenigd Koninkrijk Welsh,British and European in that order. Believe in a fair democratic society for all.
Mino Dentizzi Italië Medico, geriatra. da sempre impegnato nel sociale, da sempre di sinistra
Michele De Rosa Denemarken I am an environmental scientist and I hold a PhD in Agroecology. I have been involved in radical left movements since my teens and in DiEM25 since the beginning. I was in Athens in July 2015. I wish to see DiEM25 grow and change the course of the EU.
Nick Deschacht België economist (Belgium)
YIOTA DIMITRIADI Griekenland Γεννηθείς το 1973 στην Γερμανία, Τελειόφοιτη γερμανικής Σχολής διαχείριση και οικονομία τουριστικών μονάδων. Ζω από το 1989 στην Ελλάδα και εργάζομαι εποχιακά σε μεγάλο όμιλο Ξενοδοχείων ως Food & Beverage Manageress από το 2003.
Maria D'Onofrio European, atheist , Cooperative , loyal. I do not like the world I live in and, in my own right, I want to do my part to get it better.
Marianne DUFOUR Frankrijk I have a scientific background (Astrophysics), and became for some years electrical logistician in Antarctica, and then settled down in the (french) Alps to practice ma passion of alpinism. Strongly feminist and ecologist
Barbara Edmonds Frankrijk I am a British citizen now retired, residing in France. I believe passionately in a democratic Europe and endorse the principles of DiEM25. I am a Fellow Royal Society of Arts, MSc Policy Studies and hold a professional physiotherapy qualification.
Farah El-Sharnouby Verenigd Koninkrijk I am a young Muslim woman who wants to fight to avoid losing everything that makes me love Europe: democracy, equality and multiculturalism, to the forces of illiberalism and xenophobia
Cristina Escarmis Homs Spanje
Vasco Esteves Duitsland Ich bin 69 Jahre alt, in Portugal geboren. Ich war ein Asylant: 1969 kam ich aus politischen Gründen nachh Deutschland. Ich habe auch die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit. 30 Jahre lang war ich IT-Spezilaist, seit 10 Jahre bin ich Schauspieler.
Lígia Ferros Portugal Ligia Ferros, Ph.D. University Professor. Clinical Psychologist. Entrepreneur.
Kate Fistric Duitsland Writer, teacher, migrant.
Gearóid Fitzgibbon Griekenland community organiser, turned advisor on citizen energy projects. Politics is fine, it's just the politicians, no, not individual politicians, but the fact of having a permanent political class - lets rediscover random selection & direct democracy
Maximilian Freudenthaler Oostenrijk I am a 25-year old political science graduate. I grew up in Austria, but over the last 6 years I have studied and worked in 6 different European countries. I am truly convinced that the European idea is still alive and deserves a 'better' EU.
Michael Fromm Duitsland Michael Fromm (62); selbst. Coach, Tainer und Berater (u.a. zert. für Europäische Betriebsräte)
Yolanda García Spanje Nací y vivo en España. Tengo la licenciatura de Psicología y trabajo como funcionaria del Estado. Independientemente de que consigamos o no nuestro objetivo de hacer más "humana", democrática Europa, tenemos el deber moral de intentarlo.
Al Gonzalez Verenigd Koninkrijk Spanish lefty Londoner studying philosophy.
Regina Gruber Oostenrijk Ich glaube an Selbstwirksamkeit und Mitbestimmung auf Basis politischer Bildung und kämpfe für eine bahn-brechende Bewegung zu einem gemeinsamen und vielfältigen Europa
Andrea Hirschmann Duitsland Born 1964 in Germany, employed, eager to work for a life in dignity and a future for those who will come after me. Let's be friendly to each others!
Eric Hügel Duitsland I am an accountant and university lecturer, environmentalist and Europe-enthusiast.
Corinne Iehl Frankrijk Bonjour, je suis actuellement élue écologiste à la métropole de Lyon, sociologue et anciennement journaliste, depuis de longues années impliquée et intéressée par les questions europénnes.
Teodor Kalpakchiev Bulgarije Teodor Kalpakchiev is a graduate of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy and the College of Europe. He is a federalist-technocrat interested in regional and environmental governance and held various trainee and research positions.
Giannis Kalpouzos Griekenland ΥπαλληλοςΔΕΔΔΗΕ.Γενικος Γραμματεας Πανελλαδικου Συλλογου Καταμετρητων Κλαδου Ηλεκτρικης Ενεργειας.Επιχειρηματιας
Panas Karampampas Griekenland working together for a united and humanistic Europe
Albert Klütsch Duitsland Albert Klütsch, * 7. Juni 1944 in Wesseling, ist ein deutscher Politiker und ehemaliger nordrhein-westfälischer Landtagsabgeordneter der SPD.
Petros Konstantinidis Griekenland Μεταπτυχιακός φοιτητής πολιτικών επιστημών στo Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris), μέλος της DSC Paris1. Παθιασμένος με τον αντίλογο, την κριτική σκέψη και τη δημοκρατία.
Antonios Krasoudakis Griekenland 52 ετων Ιατρος Νευροχειρουργός Δ/ντης σε Δημοσιο Νοσοκομειο. Εκλεγμενος αντιπροεδρος Ιατρικου Συλλογου Χανιων.
Morgane Le Roux Frankrijk Morgane Le Roux, Vannes (Morbihan - France), 30 ans
Gervasio López Trincado Spanje Economista y ciudadano. Europeísta convencido buscando que las instituciones vuelvan a trabajar para el pueblo.
Nasreen Mahmud Verenigde Staten I am an anti authoritarian political activist currently living in Santa Cruz, California.
Roberto Mamone Italië Ho 58 anni. Sono un biologo ed un cooperante nei PVS. Sono Segretario di una Sezione ANPI e referente del Comitato per il NO alla riforma costituzionale per il voto degli italiani all'estero
Marilli Mastrantoni Griekenland I’m Performer, Director and Artistic Director / CEO of ENTROPIA Performing Arts Company, based in Athens and working internationally. I’m also involved in cultural policies and engaged in pan-European citizens’ initiatives.
Roberto Mattiussi Italië Militant for our utopia
Gianna Merki Portugal I am Gianna, Coordinator of Oeiras DSC (Portugal) and DiEM25 volunteer since March 2016.
Asimina Michailidou Noorwegen Asimina Michailidou is researcher in political communication at the ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, dealing with democracy and the media, particularly digital media, EU politics and Euroscepticism
Eduardo Milheiro Portugal I believe that only the united Europe of the people can change the situation we have reached the Euro and the European Union have to be called into question, since I am Portuguese advocate exit the euro.
Ana Milosevic België Ana Milosevic, Academic Researcher at the University of Leuven (Belgium)
Marko Mitic Portugal I am Marko, graduate of Ethnology&Antrhopology, currently on MA in Urban Studies. I lived to feel a harsh breakup of a society with all its sad contents and costs. I like active life, subscribing to equality, fairness and rational choices.
Jakob Mohr Duitsland M.Sc. graduate, 29 years old from the Frankfurt area in Germany. Empowered by DiEM. In Europe I also lived in Spain and Denmark. Speak five European languages and have a thing for South America :)
António Moniz Portugal Sociologist, professor at Uni Nova Lisbon and researcher at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, founding member of the Left Bloc (BE) in Portugal
arabella MONTANI Italië Sono una convinta sostenitrice del sogno di un'Europa dei popoli
Aitor Morgado Spanje Spanish Writer, Higher Technician in International Trade and Administrative Assistant.
Andreina Noli Italië I split my life between Milan and Berlin and have a son who is studying in London. Because of that I really want a more strong but democratic EU
Aleksandar Novaković Servië Aleksandar Novaković (born 9 Jan 1975, Belgrade, Serbia). He is graduated historian and dramatist, and has an PhD in theatrical studies at the University of Arts, Belgrad. Published writer / journalist
Enrique Pañeda Pañeda Reinlein Spanje Economista y politólogo, profesor jubilado, participante en distintas plataformas y colectivos
Dimitris Papaioannou Griekenland Γεννήθηκα και ζω στη Θεσσαλονίκη. Ασκώ το επάγγελμα του δικηγόρου,έχοντας το προσωπικό μου γραφείο και,ταυτόχρονα,είμαι νομικός σύμβουλος της PRAKSIS NGO,ασχολούμενος με το μεταναστευτικό και προσφυγικό Δίκαιο και το Δίκαιο Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων.
Neokratis Papakonstantinou Griekenland 34 years old from Larissa, graduate of the Agronomic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, i work as a freelancer to a bankrupt state. Proud to be at the same political movement with personalities such as Noam Chomsky etc
Luca Partesotti Italië Sono avvocato a Venezia: Twitter: @lucaparte
Stasys Paulauskas Litouwen I am doctor of philosophy (applied sociology), professor of Sustainable Innovation and Head of Strategic Self-Management Institute (-1991). I have created virtual model of EU governance transition towards democracy. So, I can be useful as VC member.
Miguel Pereira Fernandes Portugal Hi, I'm a 51 years old working class guy, married father of 4, granfather of anoher 4, left wing democrat, union lider with expectations to leave a better Europe for my kids - better than this one...
Sascha Peric Duitsland I am Sascha, 37 years old, self-employed it-engineer, born in germany with roots in former yugoslavia and interested in finding better ways for political systems.
Angela Perletti Italië Obiettivoi costruire un'Europa aperta, libera, con grande attenzione per gli ultimi. Un Europa che pone in primo piano l'umanita' e lotta X abolire ingiustizie e guerre che servono solo a distruggere le relazioni umane e ad arricchire i potenti
Andre Philippe Frankrijk 56 years old, I work in software industry. Apart from my professionnal activities, I believe that art is a strong way and leaver to share and develop common vision thru music, painting, theater, movies, etc... among european people
Calmeilles Pierre Frankrijk French, local journalist in central France, 37 years-old
Alisa Pitic Italië Sono nata a Sarajevo (BiH), venuta in Italia come rifugiata della guerra, di conseguenza sulla pelle ho vissuto tutto da perdere casa vita ad vivere un stato pieno dei pregiudizi verso se stesso figuriamoci verso altri.
Janusz Podrazik Verenigd Koninkrijk Composer and Founder of Opusmodus (Composing Continuum System). Lives and works in Venice and London.
Plamena Popova Bulgarije DSC Coordinator, Bulgaria
Diamantino Raposinho Portugal I'm a 32 years old political science student, from Portugal, that believes that a truly democratic Europe is possible and needed.
Milena Repajic Servië Member of DSC Belgrade1. I'm a historian, with a PhD in Byzantine studies. I work on narrative and discourse theory. I joined DIEM25 because I strongly believe Europe must be democratized and politics ought to be the matter of the people.
Manuel Ricardo Portugal Born in 1940 in Portugal on the border of Spanish Extremadura, also citizen of Canada and France and fluent in English, French, & Italian, conversant in Esperanto, German & Greek, Architect who trusts education for a novel society.
Nacho Romero Verenigd Koninkrijk Fully committed European; together we can always accomplish more!
Jude Rowley Verenigd Koninkrijk As a young socialist, I think it is vital that the interests and concerns of my fellow young DiEM supporters are voiced and internally represented, in the interest of upholding democracy in Europe and strengthening it for future generations.
Ernestina Rubio Spanje Ernestina es empresaria, consultora y auditora internacional, especializada en marketing estratégico y desarrollo sostenible en el sector turístico. Compagina el trabajo en su empresa con el mundo académico como profesora de diversas Universidades.
Vincenzo Santori Italië Sono in Italia un compagno iscritto a Sinistra Italiana e credo di essere idoneo a far parte del vostro organismo.
Miguel Santos Portugal I am a person with no party affiliation who thinks politics ( decision making in a given society) has to be an organized bottom up activity.
Franz Schaefer Oostenrijk Left-Activist and IT-Sysadmin who was active in the fight against software patents in the EU (with some degree of success).
Daniel Schroeder Duitsland My name is Daniel (39) and I work as psychotherapist for children in Berlin. My main reason for joining DIEM is to defend free society in Europe against nationalistic and neoliberal movements.
Giovanni Silingardi Italië Avvocato ... sono qui perché tra 10/20/30 anni vorrei poter dire ai miei figli "non sono stato in silenzio"
João Soeiro Portugal I am Portuguese, 69 years old, retired Captain of the Portuguese Navy. To fight dictatorship I organized with other fellow military the movement that lead to the Revolution of 1974 in Portugal. I don't want to lose democracy again !
Marina Tassara Italië Laureata in Filosofia impiegata
Neus Torne Sabate Spanje Soy una persona que lucha en Barcelona en Comu , que no le gustan las desigualdades y quiere una Europa justa para todas, donde se pueda vivir, sin que los grandes lobis dominen y haya transparencia .
Katerina Tsakmakidou Duitsland Katerina Tsakmakidou is experienced in planning, submitting and implementing European funded projects both for NGOs and the public sector. She has developed a taste for taking initiatives and creating new research partnerships in various countries an
Maarten Van der Heijden Nederland 57, polyglot, Economic Historian and Business Intelligence consultant.
Marjoline Van Der Jagt Nederland Born in Holland, grew up in Australia and Canada, working life mainly in The Netherlands in the IT field. Currently on early retirement, still working (mostly) as a volunteer maintaining websites in the art world. Very strong supporter of DiEM25.
Wouter Vlaminckx België I work for the Belgian Immigration Office, single parent with 3 kids, even before the creation of Diem25 already an active advocate of real democracy as opposed to profit as a guiding principle.
Ivo Vlasatý Tsjechië I'm 25 years old from Czech Republic, active member of Pirate Party, father on parental leave.
Νικόλαος Αθανασόπουλος Griekenland Είμαι Έλληνας πολίτης, 29 ετών, με ανησυχίες για το μέλλον!
Γεωργιος Αμπαδογιαννης Griekenland Καλησπέρα.Ονομάζομαι Γιώργος Αμπαδογιάννης ειμαι 28 χρονών και εργάζομαι στο τμήμα πωλήσεων μιας πολυεθνικής εταιρείας. Το μόνο που θέλω είναι να καταφέρω να βάλω και εγώ ένα λιθαράκι σε αυτή την πολύ σημαντική προσπάθεια αλλαγής του συστήματος.
ΠΑΝΤΕΛΕΗΜΩΝ ΚΛΩΝΑΡΗΣ Griekenland 56 year old General Surgeon, work in Kalmnos Island - Greece, divorced, two daughters, first time in politics.
Χρύσα Αριάδνη Κουσελά Griekenland Documentation Specialist of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage, art director and author of the 1st contemporary political comic book named "WOW-V for V" about Greek and European austerity and the institutional crisis in European Union.
Αργυρώ Μουστάκα Βρεττού Griekenland Έχω λιτό bio

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