Érvényesítő Tanács

Some decisions transcend the Coordinating Collective’s coordination role. As these decisions will often need to be validated quickly, it will not be possible to mobilise the entire DiEM25 membership to vote within a tight deadline. For this purpose, a Validating Council composed of 100 DiEM25 members selected by sortition from all members is instituted. To learn more about DiEM25’s Validating Council (VC), please visit the movement’s Organising Principles.

According to the new Organising Principles, any DiEM25 member with voting rights (i.e. verified identity, up-to-date membership fee) can be randomly picked for the Validating Council at any time. You do not need to apply anymore.

Jelenlegi Érvényesítő Tanácsunkat a következő emberek alkotják:

Beatrice Annese Olaszország
Aljaž Bašin Szlovénia Participation is responsibility.
Čila Berden Szlovénia
Grzegorz Bieniek Németország Freiberufler aus Düsseldorf, seit Anfang 2023 Mitglied bei Diem und Mitorganisator der Lokalgruppe Düsseldorf.
Darryl Busuttil Crossley Málta
Tari Caliskan Németország
Hélène Chany Franciaország A retired teacher, politically aware and interested in international relations at least since the seventies. Keen on languages and much more. Will do my best to contribute as a DiEM25's VC member.
Lilia Christova Bulgária Biomedical engineer. Speaking Bulgarian, Russian, English and Greek. Team worker.
wendy copage Görögország I am a British woman who moved to Greece and gained Greek citizenship. I worked for many years in educational publishing and now work on a volunteer basis locally to protect the environment and save local ancient path networks. I deeply believe in democracy and human rights and try to live my life causing the least possible harm to the planet.
Dimitris Daskalakis Franciaország I am a Greek national that lived in the UK for several years and moved to France in 2018. I work in IT. I was never really involved in a political movement before but some years ago I came to realise that there is absolutely nothing to expect from traditional politics and unless we do not self-organise, our future will be distopic. I work full time and I have a family, so spare time is scarce. But I try to be as informed and as politically active as possible. This is why I am here.
Jan De Tremerie Belgium Active member of Diem25 Gent, helped developing LETS systems in Belgium, likes to be practical backed by good theory, experience (international consulting in organizational development, HR, marketing, risk management)
Yanic Dollhopf Németország I’m a student of history and political science at the Univeristy of Freiburg, Germany. Together with two friends I founded the local DiEM25 chapter in Freiburg in November 2022. My main interest right now is building connections to local groups in Freiburg to establish DiEM25 as a well-known and growing organization.
Cristina Escarmis Homs Spanyolország Nací en Barcelona el 6 de agosto de 1943. Soy científica jubilada. Pertenezco a diferentes asociaciones políticas nacionales de izquierdas.
Julia Ferro Franciaország Hi everyone ! Born and raised in the Alps, I live in Paris for more than 20 years. Freelancer, my job is to make press review, a great way to stay tuned with the news ;) Otherwise, I enjoy a lot climbing and reading.
Corinna Franchino Olaszország I am a 50 year old psychologist with a very strong interest in politics. I have been dealing with translations, writing and proofreading of texts, documents and videos of the main EU agencies since 2008.
Adams Fusheini Sierra Leone I’m because we’re! I’m a universalist from Ghana, in Africa, I believe that injustice and insecurity anywhere threatens the security and freedoms and peace of everyone, everywhere. I’m a democratic governance professional passionate for efforts aimed at achieving effective and compassionate representative democracy everywhere. Avid believer that together we can always do better!
Kate Gale Franciaország I'm an American living in France. I'd like to echo Varsha Gandikota-Nellutla in saying: our mission is solidarity. We are not alone comrades.
Tamara Eileen Galloway Egyesült Királyság
Julia Galvao Alinho Portugália I am 50 years old. I work as a communication specialist and I am a PHD candidate in Political and Moral Philosophy.
EDOARDO GENTILE Olaszország I'm 54 years old, italian and I'm a neurologist. My political experience began when I was 16 years old in the Italian Communist Party, then in the Communist Refounding Party as a militant and as an elected in my city. From November 2022, when we built the party in Italt, I'm a member of Mera25 Italt.
Gabriele Giordano Olaszország Hello, my name is Gabriele Giordano, I am 23, and I am an Italian student of the University of Turin. I'm very keen on politics, since it is the field that I study at the university, and I am very glad to be part of Diem. I do hope that this political group will help consolidating a more active and ethical form of political commitment among the people, which would mean a betterment of the living conditions and of our democracies.
Thomas Gribovszki Magyarország
Christian Hagen Németország
Tarja Hallavainio Finnország Greetings from Finland! I am a professional in the field of education. I want to promote the realization of a more equal world, the preservation and improvement of the environment and climate. I value good cooperation and expert networks. I don't value anyone's pursuit of their own interests, but equality.
Karl Hochholzner Németország Als überzeugter Europäer gilt für mich die soziale, ökologische und liberale Perspektive. Ich sorge als Beamter der Bundesverwaltung für die Suche nach einem sicheren nuklearen Endlager für Deutschland. As a devoted European, I stand for a social, ecological and liberal perspective. As a federal public servant, I stand for the site selection of Germany's safe disposal für high acitve nucklear waste.
David Houliston Egyesült Királyság UK based semi-retired counselling trainee looking for a better Europe and a better world.
silvia iessi Olaszország
Georgios Konstantinidis Norvégia
Ariane Kovacevic Belgium I always find this self-description thingy awkward. So here's what I came up with for my twitter account a long time ago. It still applies...well, mostly, as life is made of chaos: 8 years a union rep. Unashamedly loyal to ideals. TINA? A lie &scam!
Pieter Kroon Hollandia first adapter, non-conformist, post-materialist, cosmopolitan. into nature, science, technology, progressive web apps
Hannah Lang Írország I am a geographer by training, passionate about mapping the unusual, fantasy/sci-fi writing and debunking the doomed European narrative we are presented with on a daily basis.
Sasha Lange Németország Sociologist, currently based in Berlin, doing research on intimacy and digital capitalism; I speak Russian, English, German and French.
Stefanie Lebowski Franciaország Member since March 2016 (France, Paris)
Wulf Luck Németország I am a physicist with an interest in climatology, green technology, and International Relations, live in Berlin.
BERAL MADRA Törökország I believe in the essentiality of DiEM25 Manifesto within the conflictual conditions of today2s democracy and capitalism.
Roland Matthews Egyesült Királyság I am 70 and retired after a varied career working in arts management, running a community advocacy organisation, as a counsellor and as a writer and translator. I have been a passionate supporter of the trans-national idea of Europe since student days and cannot wait for Britain to be fully integrated with Europe once again.
Thilo Matzkeit Németország I like to strenghen the movement by participating in the validating council and it is an honour to me to be nominated.
Patrick McCormack Németország Hi, my name is Patrick. I’m concerned about the state of Europe and the world. I want to achieve things together so that we all can live in a democratic, just, peaceful and sustainable world. DiEM25 is the best way to reach that goal.
Asma Mechakra Svájc
Ozge Memisoglu Görögország I am an International Relations analyst, humanitarian specialist, and academic with Ph.D. in Political and Social Science, currently based in Athens. The main topics of expertise are human trafficking, social inclusion, Refugees & Migration Policies with a particular focus on the relationship between Turkey- Greece. I have a work experience with UNHCR and collaborate with local NGOs in different countries. I advocate for human rights, integration, social justice, and democracy. I am very fluent in English, Italian, and Turkish, moderate in French, and slightly well in Greek.
Agnès Merlin Svájc Deeply honoured to have been chosen to be a member of the Validating Council. French, I moved to Switzerland more than 2 decades ago for work, as an IT Program Manager. I feel deeply concerned about building a democratic EU.
ZIN ZAR YEE MON Németország I am an agricultural economist living in Germany. My interest lies in sustainability, food security and climate change. I am originally from Myanmar (Burma) but have been living in Germany for a long time. I speak English, German and Burmese. I will try my best to fulfill my duties.
Una Nardone Írország I am a part time phlebotomist and am a full time carer for a family member. I believe in a better Europe for all of us but especially for the next generations. Education, compassion and respect with action is vital for the way forward. .
Stephanie Nichols Görögország I am a Greek woman worried about the future, Είμαι μια Ελληνίδα που ανησυχεί για το μέλλον.
Caitríona O’Mahony Írország I am a musician and arts worker from Ireland.
Romina Paehrisch Németország
Christo Papadopoulos Egyesült Királyság Tech leader by profession, long time expat and above all an active citizen.
Luca Partesotti Olaszország avvocato e altro - Venezia, lawyer and more - Venice : https://www.linkedin.com/in/luca-partesotti-965250a7.
Μatina Potiri Görögország
Jonas Rammasi-Laursen Dánia
Miguel Angelo Ramos Nobrega Egyesült Királyság From Portugal, currently living and working in the UK. I'm interested in tech, philosophy and how the world works in general. I support the democratic process and wish to work towards improving it's functions.
Sonia Ravanelli Svájc I am a scientific researcher in the fiels of molecular biology, I dislike competition in favour of collaboration.
Tim Richter Németország I'm 54 years old, married and have three adult sons. I work as system administrator and researcher in theoretical computer science and I'm a hobby musician. Although not a fighter at all, I joined DIEM last year out of a feeling that I have to do "something". By taking on the responsibility of a validating council member I'll hopefully be able to make a small contribution.
Julian Robertson Hollandia
Henrik Sander Németország I´m an self-employed middleaged man with family and interested in democratic development. Member of attac and other groups. So i think it will be the best to take part of this Validating council too.
Fernando Santamaria Lozano Spanyolország I’m 65 years old. I’ve been a Latin teacher for twenty years. I live in Spain, a weird place in my opinion. Almost everything about me can be found at this address (most of it in Spanish). https://majorcrimeslawyweronline.law.blog
Markus Schaal Németország I am a computer scientist by education, with a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from TU Berlin, and I work in education, research, and industry. I am trying to understand the reasons that threaten our national democracies and I aim to find recipes to repair or first time truly establish democracy world-wide.
Sabine Scheufele Ausztria I believe in fairness, solidarity, justice, that all creatures on this planet should be treated with respect. Human does not stand above any other living species and his intelligence should protect and care for our environment instead of exploiting it for the benifit of the few. I despice greed and envy. I’m very greatful that DIEM25 exists and maybe one day can change the mindset of the masses.
Laura Schiavetta Franciaország Physiotherapist and multi-curious woman, I strongly believe our european and global way of life must be think over deeply, happy to help DiEM25 to function properly and to continue to ask the fundamental questions and give thorough answers.
Jan-Henrick Schröder Németország Triple Dad, Handyworker, Love cooking and gardening. Near Hanover, 40 years old,
Maqboul Sidiqi Németország I am Maqboul Sidiqi, was born in Afghanistan, grow up in Pakistani in a refugee camp, was in Paganai detention center for Refugees in Lesbos, stay in Greece for almost 4 years, I help volunary in Lesbos and support the Refugees, I am helping in friends in Lesbos in the Greek Election campaign. I live in Berlin and in Greece. I am German, European, Afghanistan citizen.
Filip Simić Szerbia
Paul Simmons Egyesült Királyság
David Alex Sisti Lengyelország Hi! I'm Alex, born and raised in the countryside of Greece from a mixed race family. Currently living in Poland. I have a major in arts, studied in Armenia, and was always involved with the art movement and the leftist groups/coalitions. I'm in DiEM & ΜεΡΑ because I uphold the principles of our movement and I want to further contribute to our goal.
Pam Stavropoulos Ausztrália I absolutely concur with the need for rapid informed responses to the range of urgent issues DiEM25 addresses and feel privileged to be part of the team which assists in this capacity
Nicolas Tavitian Belgium Nicolas is a life-long environmental and peace activist based in Brussels. He is currently involved in sociological research on Europe's diasporas.
Jenny Thompson Egyesült Királyság I am now retired but formerly worked as a freelanceTV director making documentaries and factural programmes. Later I co-directed, with partners in France and Germany,a MEDIA funded European script development programme for children's film and TV and most recently as a teacher for adults of literacy and English. I hold UK and Czech citizenship, as the daughter of a refugee, and consider myself European, rather than British.
Matina Vatavali Görögország I'm Matina, 55 years. I am a graphic designer from Greece, I live and work in Athens and I am concerned about the state of Europe and the world. I am looking for a better future, for all, with equality, equity, and care! I believe that the earth is enough for everyone if there is proper management!
Laura Vialon Egyesült Királyság I am Laura, German national living in the UK (London) since 2019. After having worked in private practice, I came to be a Lecturer by chance, I am now soon embarking on an academic pathway to do my PhD – scrutinising the undemocratic nature of the joint stock company. I feel honoured to be part of the VC and look forward to participating in shaping DiEM25's future.
David Vicente Dánia I have been a member of DiEM 25 since the beginning of 2021. Since I joined, I have been involved mostly with the Lisbon collective, where I contributed to the debate about affordable housing, a fair and collectively driven green transition among other topics. I am currently interested in studying and debating democratic governance systems for the post-capitalist era, where collective ownership and decision making should be core.
Wouter Vlaminckx Belgium I work for the Belgian Immigration Office, single parent with 3 kids, even before the creation of Diem25 already an active advocate of real democracy, as opposed to profit as a guiding principle.
Sam Webb Franciaország I'm Sam, a 35 year old Australian living for five years in France. Working in environmental policy and international development, with an academic background in political economy.
Marcus Weeks Egyesült Királyság I am a 70-year-old non-fiction writer (philosophy, psychology, politics etc) and musician (composer and trombonist) living in Hastings, on the south coast of England, wanting to rejoin and reform the EU.
Atran Youkhana Németország I am a convinced enthusiast for the ideas and policies of DiEM25 and co-coordinate the meetings of the Munich Collective. Educated a political scientist, I learned my politics outside the faculty from people like Chomsky, Varoufakis and Graeber and work professionally in the field of trauma and peace. Will give my best to help in the decision-making.
Thanos Zartaloudis Egyesült Királyság I am an academic (law, philosophy, classics) in England, originally from Greece, I have been supporting Diem25 from the start and look forward to building its future. I was involved in the global justice movement in the 2000s, the occupy movement, the student movement in the UK and various other political causes. He/him, ally, feminist.
Ανδριάνα Αγγέλου Görögország I am from Greece and I live in Athens. I've studied Political Science and Public Administration and my academic interests include research into the history of philosophical systems (and their divergences), as well as the relationship of the political phenomenon to gendered public space, literature and filmmaking. I believe that human nature is made for the best and the worst, regardless of whether the latter is usually chosen. So I joined the movement in order to practically support the poet's words: "I insist on another world. I have dreamed of it so much, so much have I wandered around it so by now it can't but exist."
Κωνσταντίνα Αναστασίου Görögország Hello, my name is Konstantina and I am a political science and international relations student. I am a member of Diem 25 since 2022 and I will happily help to the Validating Council.
Πάτυ Βαρδάμη Görögország Pati Vardhami, feminist activist and Albanian migrant living in Greece, member of MeRA25. My academic and work experience are in Economics, Political and Social Studies, Contemporary Philosophy and Art Theory. I acquired my degrees in Athens and London.
Δημήτρης Ζαδέλης Görögország I live in Heraklion city, the capital of Crete Island, in Greece. I studied Political Science at Panteion University in Athens and have worked in tourism for the last 25 years as a receptionist. A humorous and very sociable guy. I am interested in human rights, against any forms of discrimination, green economy as well as technological innovations.
ΚΑΤΙΑ ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ Ciprus Retired. Has been working in the private sector as export director.
Χρηστος Καλογηρος Görögország Hi, my name is Christos, born in 1981. My current occupation is a house painter. I'm currently enrolled at the "Hellenic Open University", in Computer Science. I will do my best, to the extend of my abilities.
Αγάπη Καραμανλή Görögország IAgapi Karamanli I was born in 1971 in Thessaloniki. I studied Macroeconomics and Theater in Thessaloniki, Theater Psychology and Philosophy in Paris from 2012 with Alain Badiou. We have been practicing yoga and meditation since 1987. I am a researcher in Applied Philosophy, Macroeconomics and Transformational Economies – Social and Solidarity Economy, Circular Economy, Commons and New Municipalism. We are active in Tourism, Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Since 2011 I have worked for the expansion of the scope of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), the implementation and improvement of the relevant SSE law of 2016, Energy Communities and the Just Energy Transition. In 2010 I published "Born of the Stars". I have translated into Greek the book "99%" by Pierre Laurent (2017, Libreria Espanola Nikolopoulos). In 2020 I published the book "The Applied Democracy in the 21st Century" with free access to the internet. I am a member of the Nikos Poulatzas Institute.
Μαριανέλα Κλώκα Görögország Greek, advocacy on human rights in an greek NGO, co-director in the international press agency for peace and nonviolence, pressenza.
Κωνσταντίνος Μαρασλής Görögország
Γρηγόρης Μάστορας Görögország Innovator, believer of Direct Democracy. Currently switching careers from Business Analysis to Agriculture. From Greece, currently living in Netherlands, and soon to be moving to Costa Rica.
ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ ΜΠΑΛΤΑΤΖΗΣ Görögország As a 30YO Greek back in 2008 I saw my country’s policymakers and powerful elites gain full control over Greece’s infrastructure, natural resources and accumulated wealth; an electorate refusing to abolish the idea that contemporary political parties that ran the country since 1974 are the only way to a stable democracy and growing economy; a EU of two speeds - one part suppressing the other for growth. DIEM25 is the only entity that could explain to me the “why”; open my eyes. The only thing I want is to help other people see what I saw. Realize the corruption in this new world order and make better decisions for ourselves and for our children’s future.
Δήμητρα Βανέσσα Μπούνα Görögország I'm 34 year old single cis bi woman (with three cats) and I work in technical support. The system needs to change and it can only do so if we become a part of that change.
Μαρία Μπρακούλια Görögország
Ευαγγελία Παπαδά Svédország I am 45 years old and have been active in the global justice movement in the 2000s and with asylum rights later on. I live in Sweden and have a two year old son. I am currently employed at the university. I am a feminist and go by she/her.
Ανδροκλής Παραπονιάρης Németország My name is Androklis. I am 37 years old from Greece, living in Stuttgart. Climate change and eurozone debt austerity brought me here.
Παναγιώτης Ρεντίφης Görögország I am 47 years old,I live in Athens Greece, married with 3 children. I am a pharmacist, I have also studied Social Anthropology and I work as a musician as well.
Ιωάννα Σκουλαρίκη Görögország Mother of four and working!
Μαρία Σόφτση Görögország Ed-Member of Central Committee of MeRA25, ex-member of political secretariat ,Greece from October 2020 till May 2022.
Γιασεμη Χιλμι Egyesült Királyság BA, MA German. Following Varoufakis closely since 2015, which inspired me to complete the postgraduate programme in Public Administration at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (UCL). I am Greek from Thessaloniki, grew up in Milan and long-term resident of North London.
Χρυσαυγή Χρονοπούλου Görögország My name is Chrysavgi. Ι live in Athens and i work as an accountant. I have been a member of Diem25 and Mera25 since march 2019. I have dealt with trade unionism and i always strive for the human rights.