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Allowing individual candidacies for the Italian Electoral Wing Coordination




Electoral Wings fulfill an important role in our movement: they guarantee our movement's interests in the context of elections. If
- DiEMers want to run as candidates
- DSCs want to host political events together with candidates at election time
- Another movement or party wants to negotiate an alliance or joint party with DiEM25
- DiEMers themselves want to form a party that will represent DiEM25's program at a local/regional/national election

the Electoral Wing Coordination is the elected body which will oversee the efforts and ensure that realising the DiEM25 policies, rather than gaining a few seats, is the number one priority. They are the ones doing any negotiation, with transparency and accountability to members, and putting their result to an all-member vote before anything is final or announced to the press. They are also the ones building our own political strength in each country and providing professional support to DSCs who want to use an electoral campaign to draw attention to DiEM25's policies.

The Italian Electoral Wing Coordination resigned in May. While some members continued after that to discuss possible alliances with other movements and parties, these discussions lack a mandate in the absence of an Electoral Wing. Therefore, a new Italian EW Coordination must be elected urgently with a mandate, first, to begin a dialogue among Italian members as to the lessons we should learn from the European elections, our future electoral engagement (if any), and also amendments to the Italian EW statutes.

To be able to elect the new Italian Electoral Wing Coordination quickly, the CC suggests only one amendment at this time: To allow all 15 seats in this body to be elected on the basis of individual candidacies rather than lists.

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