DiEM25 actualment té més de 123000 membres en més de 195 països i territoris. Aquí tens alguns d'ells.


Perquè un altre món no només és possible, sinó que és urgent. I per construir-lo, ens necessitem mútuament, més enllà de qualsevol frontera, lluitant i construint fraternalment un futur que ens emocioni i ens faci orgullosos d'aquest projecte.

‐ Jon E. Illescas

I am convinced that it is only by acting as citizens at all levels, local, national and international that we will change the European decision making system to include more democracy.

‐ Faugeras Olivier

Genuine democracy requires truthful information. For sincere sisterhood and fraternity.

‐ Maria Koehne, Artist and Author

I am an experienced farmer. Agriculture and food production & delivery policies are critical for both the environment and human health. Farmers and consumers must have a voice in Europe. We need to raise awareness in Europe. We need a new food plan.

‐ Suzanne Alexander, attivista di base

DiEM25 is a chance to mobilise Europeans to reclaim their democracy. For too long we've been told that Europe is the business of technocrats, diplomats and lobbyists. We're going to tell them that to survive, Europe must be the business of democrats.

‐ Samuel Hufton, activist and student of King's College London

Bringing what really matters into the public eye

‐ Diogo Costa, local activist